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Thread: Article: Our Squad My humble opinion.(bit of a long read)

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    Default Article: Our Squad My humble opinion.(bit of a long read)

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    I can't disagree too much with what you say here. I think the fundamental problem is the one you identify, namely that there is a huge step up in quality between the Championship and League One. We were lulled into a false sense of the adequacy of our squad by its success at a lower level. It used to be that there was a big gap between the Championship and the Premier League, but all the money that has flown into the game at the top has shifted the quality gap down a division. On the other hand, when we play well we seem to compete well enough.
    I think the major shortcomings are down the middle. As you say, Abdou's all round game is below par, but we need a ball winner to play alongside Trotter. Jackett understands this, I believe, and that is why Carter was brought in and why Mkandawire is playing out of position (although he may well be more than good enough there, only time will tell).
    Up front we need to have players who can put away the chances we create. If we had a player as ruthless as Andy Reid was in taking his chance on Saturday, we would not be talking about problems at all, but we only have Morison and he dips in and out of form and, in truth, is probably struggling against the better defenders he is facing.
    At the back, Robbo, for all his heart and loyalty, is not good enough. He was again at fault for a goal on Saturday (Barron had to cover for him) and we either need to move Mkandawire in there or get another partner for Shittu - in fact Ward would be better. I think Jackett might feel that dropping Robbo will affect team spirit. He should think again - nothing affects team spirit more than the poor run we are on now. Time to downgrade my Profiles, I think...
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    all i can say to this post is do what jackett does look and find the best bits of players and bring them together as a team i love millwall with all my heart and think jackett is an amazing manager who is building a team and not trying to buy a team like man city and others because that dont work. confidence is makes a good player great and people in the stands slagging them off and that isnt going to help!

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