Killer Plants

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Guess what has happened to us. Paulion has found deadly nightshade in the garden. I canít believe it. He said thereís loads of it up the back by the shed. I donít go up that bit cos gardening isnít my job but now I will make extra sure that I donít go by the shed and I hope paul wont either, so I wonder how to get rid of it without being killed. We had a fire in the garden once, that would get rid of it I think but the only thing is it left a big burnt patch. Does anyone else have this plant and how do you get rid of it? I googled it but all I found really is that you need dilligence cos it is vicious, and some glyphosate, but I'm not exactly sure what that is or what to do with it. Paulion doesn't know either,
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    AND he just told me he saw a tarantula out there and it's gonna have babies so we have to hunt it down and break the web and kill it. He even saw a nest so we have a lot of murders to commit. I'm a vegetarian so I'm not so happy about it.
    Glyphosate will kill it. It's the main ingredient in lots of spray weedkillers in B&Q. Deadly nightshade is only dangerous if you eat the fruits, which look like blackcurrants.
    Its where he keeps his porn and doesn't want you to go there!!