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Play up, Millwall!

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The Captain’s down and the penalty’s in<o:p></o:p>
The score is now 3 all<o:p></o:p>
But then we see Ben Thompson running with the ball<o:p></o:p>
He goes round one he goes round two<o:p></o:p>
He steadies himself to shoot<o:p></o:p>
The ball flies into the back of the net<o:p></o:p>
Urged on by his boot<o:p></o:p>
The Bradford captains fainted<o:p></o:p>
Parkinson pulls his hair<o:p></o:p>
The rousing sound of the Monks Chant fills the evening air<o:p></o:p>
As Proctor lies there sobbing he can hear the Dockers grunt<o:p></o:p>
“F**k off back to Bradford you soppy Northern c**nt”<o:p></o:p>
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