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The early Harris knockers

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It's a tough job being manager. Harris saw the clown last season change his team every game and tactics with no consistency and look where that got us. Reports of players not knowing their job and total discord. And inevitably we went down.

It wasn't until Harris came in and stuck with the same team that we looked half decent. Yes we still went down but with some fight in us.

So so I see he doesn't want to go the same path and chop and change after a few games. He wants to show back bone and he also has to show faith in players for fear of losing the confidence and dressing room. So I see why he wouldn't drop Forde for instance. As for Webster I can't imagine he'll want to play at the den again.

Mother whole team is a work in progress. I'm sure he wanted to bring the youngsters through slowly. His hand may be forced but making early mass changes I don't thin k is good for team spirit. So a lot of big decisions for such an inexperienced manager will be needed. I have faith but he needs our backing.
It was frannkly disappointing opening this thread.I assumed it would be about Anita Harris's fledgling show biz career perhaps with some grainy topless soft porn stills..Ah well..
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