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In my opinion, the main point of having a FOTB is to take the fans views into the boardroom. Much more important than what he brings out. However, if the board is to have a mouthpiece, I'd rather it be Pete than any of the others.
So would i, people who are saying Pete should step down or 'get rid' have obviously never needed Petes help or ignored the good work he does for Millwall fans in general, easy to just say on a message board from afar, without knowing the help he does actually give fans, either in public or behind the scenes helping in any way he can.
We'd be a lot worse off without him in that position imo, can only speak for myself when I say I would've been absolutely fucked without him there to act as a voice for me at a very difficult time, and will be in the future if he 'steps aside' or 'gets rid'.
Totally wrong, I know very well the work FOTB has done and am not ignoring the work he does and I have little option but to "post from afar" as I do live over 120 miles away but rarely miss a match home or away so please don't make assumptions. However if the MSC need to act as puppets for the board and as Pete would not qualify under the new rules and in the absence of an statement on this issue from him, I believe he ought to stand down. A new election would then expose this shambles of a constitution for what it is.
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