I was going to write a little blog today

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about how we will run out of songs soon. There aren't that many notes after all, just c d e f g a and b. then a few sharps / flats. So in maths I wonder how many combinations of those notes there are cos once the combinations are up then no one can make up a new song any more. All the songs will be taken and for the rest of our lives we will have to listen to repeats. But then, just when I was about to write my blog i saw that stu wall was sooooo cross with himself for buying his own chair for the match and he forgot about it and bought another one so now instead of writing all about my song idea i will just laugh at stuwall and be pleased that there is someone more silly even than me! I wonder whether stuwall will sit in his normal space or in the new ticket he paid for.
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    interesting thoughts princess on the same lines of how long before man can run no faster or jump no higher
    Thats true noone can run 100m in 2 seconds so the first man to run it in 9 seconds or so will be the fastest man ever and never be beaten. I didnt think of that. I bet there's loads of things like that.