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This is a blog post written by an acquaintance. Thought it deserved a wider audience. He owns a successful business but takes plenty of risks and works v hard to make it all happen. 'UNDEFEATED!!'

Blog, what is that smell all around us? Is it freshly smeared dog-mess? No, no, I don't think so. Something similar, though. Let's allow, for a moment, just a little more of it's PUTRID STENCH into our nostrils. Ah yes, Blog; there's a whiff of PERCIEVED ENTITLEMENT, some IGNORANT JEALOUSY, and some EVIL BULLYING, wafting over from the cheap seats, at the other end of the PUBLIC GRAVY TRAIN. I think I know what that smell is, but we'll look a little closer and see if we can recognise it's exact name...

Let's turn the television on and turn to the channel that, in 2013, we are all still compulsorily taxed to watch; the BBC. I wonder which LAYABOUTS they have wheeled out, on this grey day, amongst all of the USELESS INTELLECTUALS, and LONG HAIRED and UNSHAVEN male and HIDEOUSLY UGLY and pale-faced female partying student socialists?

Well, presenting the BILE SHOW, we have COMMENTATORS ON THE ACTIONS OF OTHERS; Jeremy Paxman and Huw Edwards. Neither of whom, have the respect to wear a black tie, when delivering such sad news to the nation. News, regarding the death of someone, of whom, they have 'earned' a living, publicly judging the things she has done. Please note, Blog: the things the lady in question has DONE. Not them, they DONT DO ANYTHING OF ANY CONSEQUENCE; they are nothing more than STANDARD WAGE-SLAVES pointing their fingers.

Of course, to kick off, we've got the two people, who's names are ever ingrained in our history, because they were both, quite simply, outclassed, FROM START TO FINISH, by our FINEST LEADER. None other than LIFELONG-BITTER-UNDER-ACHIEVER; Michael Hesseltine. And his side-kick, WEAK-OF-CHARACTER-JUDAS; Geoffrey Howe. Hezza, even when Mrs T got more votes than you, but still stood aside to give you a chance, you couldn't even beat Major. You are a PATHETIC IMITATION of a man.

And now it's the turn of a TRUSTFUNDER who DIDNT HAVE TO EARN HIS OWN MONEY but IMPOSES HIMSELF ON HOW OTHERS, WHO DO HAVE TO EARN IT, SHOULD SPEND IT, none other than; Tony Benn. With him; the kind-hearted and well-meant, however, DELUDED; Ken Livingstone. Let's not even bother commenting on them, Blog. Let's not dunk ourselves into the SEWAGE quite yet.

So what are they going on about today?

The Miners. More mines were closed in the 60's by Labour PM Harold Wilson, than by Maggie in the 80's. FACE IT, Maggie just had to finish the job. Do you REALLY THINK that mining had a future in the western world? Do you mean to say that the mines should still be open now, doing their bollocks, again and again? And if they were open, you'd all be moaning about it being so unfair that, in this day and age, men are toiling, half naked, under the ground, in such bad conditions. So if Maggie didn't close them, and Blair did, because a machine would have been doing their job by then anyway, would it have been his fault? No! Get a grip, and move with the times, you DREAMY FOOLS!

The Poll Tax. What's wrong with that? You pay per person, for each house. How's that unfair? There were discounts available for skint drong, so what's the problem? Oh, I know the problem, you think that anyone who's go off their arses and earned a few quid SHOULD PAY FOR YOU. It's that old problem again, isn't it?!

Mrs Thatcher was a hero for so many working class people. She allowed aspiration. Okay, she allowed greed too. But greed for individuals making their own way ahead, rather than a mass greed and stupor of self-destruction. She GAVE PEOPLE A CHANCE who weren't just content to WALLOW WITH THE DRONG and buy their homes at very cheap prices. Where are all of those people being interviewed? Where are they, now they have kicked on?

And where are the feminists jumping to her aide? The feminists that she led the way for. Oh, they haven't come out to play, Blog, because Mrs T didn't PLAY THE MARTYR and MILK HER GENDER for all its worth. She got on with it, and proved that action, not words and DROANING MOANING, are what gets things done and move you forward in life.

But the TAX FUNDED BEEB have brought out some people criticising the Falklands War. Maybe we should have just stepped aside and let the Argies invade and move aside our brothers in the Falklands? Maybe we should have done a student petition and sung 'kumbaya my lord'? THAT WOULD HAVE STOPPED THE BELGRANO IN IT'S TRACKS!!!

Blog, now is the moment that we have to go down, deep down, into the sewage, I'm afraid. I'm sorry to do this to you, but my LOWLIGHT is coming up now:

Gerry Adams.

Yes, they did.

They actually did it.

The BBC interviewed a convicted murderer and IRA terrorist, allowing him to pass comment and opinion, on the day of Mrs Thatcher's death. A representative of the 'organisation' that tried to murder her.

Adams, the only weak point of Mrs T's career was; firstly, signing the Anglo-Irish agreement, allowing VERMIN like you to be released, and unbelievably have a say in how British soil should governed. And secondly; not having you shot in a back alley and rolled over into a canal.

It is now clear to me, Blog, what that smell is. It is very clear to me now. It is the smell of weakness, of hypocrisy, of ignorance and laziness, it is the smell of; 'Society'.

Margaret Thatcher, Rest In Peace. Thank you for giving us all that chance to kick on, and enjoy life on our own terms, whether we used it or not.
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