Foreign Kids

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So I'm in this school in north london at the moment right, and 50% have English as a second language, and there are loads of greeks, turks, blacks and indians. So today the kids in year 1 asked me what language I speak so i said english and they said speak some then. So I said I am speaking it now, this is how it goes. And they says nooooooo speak your language. So I says I am speaking it, this is how it goes. This is English. And they said yeah but what about your other language, are you spanish or greek and I said no no, just English. And they were all shouting yeah but what ELSE? What WITH english? What's your other language? So I just says I'll tell ya later. Later I will have to explain that in other places in the UK there are white people who are just white. They don't believe it yet. Tut tut.
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    You could always try some rhyming slang Princess and say that was your second language :)
    Haha good idea! x
    I love every blog you do P. on a sunday afternoon comedown always a crack dude.