Millwall 1-0 Leeds ~ Match Musings

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Leeds at home on Bastard SKY so it must be Sunday and a 1.15pm kick off, naturally. To tell the truth, I don’t mind the odd Sunday game but with Bermondsey station playing host to the orange brigade and the God botherers out in force it would have been easier to find a bacon sarnie in a mosque than a parking space. MrsB saved the day with getting into the smallest of spaces albeit with one wheel slightly up on the kerb, but still, it was a classy bit of parking.

We made our way to the ground and it was already filling up, clearly the time and the TV had not put the fans off and we just got to our seats in time for the team announcements from Dean O’ Standing.
The biggest news was that Abdou was out, not through injury but because he has become a dad again so he was off with his wife celebrating the new arrival and I am sure you will join me in wishing the Abdou family our warmest congratulations on the newest member of the family.

Mr Jackett, no fully recovered from his, ahem, ‘man flu’, was safely at the helm again and his gteam lined up as follows: Forde in goal, Smith A, Beevers, Shittu and Lowry in defence, Feeney, Wright, Trotter and Taylor in the midfield leaving Keogh and Wood as our two strikers.

Referee Halsey waited for Rupert Murdoch to signal him that it was time to start the game and as the whistle went the boisterous 13,000 odd crowd roared the Lions on. The away section was not as full as it normally is when Leeds play us. No coward’s way seems to have brought on a bad case of Millwallitis for some of the hardy Yorkshire men so unsurprisingly they made little or no noise.

It was a patchy start to the game, Beevers taking an early yellow card for an innocuous challenge on serial cheat Diouf was rather worrying but he soon settled down alongside the commanding Shittu and proceeded to block out anything the once, allegedly, mighty Leeds had to offer, which in truth was not a lot.

The game was scrappy, drifting about all over the middle of the park with chances at either end coming at a premium. Feeney had our first real effort, he took the ball in from the right but his shot sailed high wide and handsomely over the bar but he followed this up shortly after with a neat cross that found Taylor in a bit of space but again the finish was not up to scratch or rather lack of finish as he just failed to make contact with the ball.

Warnock had set his stall out for this game with a sentiment that was perhaps understandable after his team got a spanking last time out so it was all spoiling tactics and niggly fouls and falling over claiming horrendous injuries etc etc. Very boring as a spectacle but typical from the self-opinionated Leeds boss.

Trotter fired over from distance as the half progressed and Forde was called upon to deal with a tame effort but the Lions were clearly playing the more adventurous football with the visitors just resorting to cynical tactics where possible but we finished the half off in a flurry of chances that should really have ended with an opening goal.

Beevers climbed highest to head a firm ball from a Taylor corner kick goal wards but it was unceremoniously booted off the line then we watched Keogh hit a smart shot that fatty Kenny did well to get down to in the Leeds goal and it was Keogh again who had the next chance but again the finishing was not what we have come to expect of late, this one from about 18 yards out flew comfortably past the target.

The first half ended goal less but we were the better side and the 0-0 flattered the visitors.

The second half was, shall we say, a bit livelier.

Within three minutes of the re start the shape of the game changed completely when Varney decided that he ought to put a stop to the persistence of Adam Smith by executing a swift elbow to the throat as they both challenged for the ball. Referee Halsey had his red card out straight away, it was a clear sending off, the only issue was why on earth were Leeds and in particular their manic manager arguing the toss over it?

The blue touch paper was now lit and the Den started echoing with a crescendo of noise as the players took full advantage of the stupidity of the visitors and went to task on them.

The Leeds fans then also made a bit of a misjudgement by trying to start a chant about someone being Jimmy So Vile’s son which brought an absolute cacophony of voices from all sections of the ground, all chanting “He’s one of your own, he’s one of your own, Jimmy Savile, he’s one of your own”. It took the wind out of their sails immediately and it was on a par with “Graham Rix, sex offender” as a bare minimum.

Feeney’s last action of the game saw him whip another ball across that Wood narrowly failed to make contact with and then we had our first sub of the game with James Henry returning to the fold after a brief lay off through injury.

Henry was quick to get involved, putting a bit more pressure on the visitors left flank and he tried a slightly ambitious shot that still had fatty Kenny scrambling across his goal and shortly after taylor also had a pop that just missed the target.

We then had a perfectly good goal disallowed, in my opinion, when Trotter made space on the right and crossed the ball into the six yard box. Kenny did what most ‘keepers do and leapt to catch the ball whilst doing their best to clatter the nearest forward. He managed this to a degree but he also hit his own player and this caused him to drop the ball over the line. He realised his error immediately and then the feigned in jury started so naturally the ref disallowed the goal. Kenny had been a pain in the arse all afternoon with his childish attempts at time wasting after the sending off. This just added fuel to the fire and soon after he was made to look like a complete buffoon (not too difficult, granted) by a ball boy who had simply rolled the ball to him and he let it go by as if to say he couldn’t stop it. What a great advert for his prowess as a ‘keeper!

Referee Halsey had seen enough and soon after gave him a firm warning to cut out the simpleton act (sticky wicket there, Mr Halsey, fatty Kenny is notoriously dense and sometimes cannot help his actions)

Time was running out and the stalwart defending was frustrating the life out of everyone. It was time for another change and N’Guessan came on in place of the hard working Taylor and despite some factions of the crowd groaning at Mr Jackett’s choice, it has to said that N’Guessan was a revelation.

Within a couple of minutes he was in the thick of it and has he chased down a ball that looked destined for a goal kick he reminded us of his pace and he got the ball and laid it back perfectly for Lowry who was cantering after him. The ball left Lowry’s left foo like a rocket and as it flew across the box we were willing someone, anyone to get on the end of it.

Chris Wood was that man. He raced in and met it with his head giving Kenny no chance at all and the ball cannoned into the back of the net. 1-0! Five minutes left, game effectively over! The celebrations were more out of relief than anything else as it seemed all the hard work and endeavour might be in vain.

Of course we had to put up with the injury time free kick on the edge of our box but it summed up Leeds, their manager, their fans, their everything as Tonge did more damage to the away fans up high in the upper tier than he did to our goal.

The final whistle came soon after and we had nailed our 10th game unbeaten. It was a very decent performance against a side hell bent on spoiling the party but it shows how far we have progressed now from our poor start, back in September I have no doubt we would have settled for a 0-0 draw in this sort of game but we are made of sterner stuff now and when you consider who was missing from this team it certainly bodes well for the near future if nothing else.

So, Dirty Leeds sent back to their hovels, we fucked up bastard SKY’s northern love in and moved ourselves (now whisper this quietly) closer to a playoff berth.

So after fucking off Savile’s brood we turn our attention to another ex-radio 1 DJ. Blackburn away next up and this looks like a tough challenge for the lads but regardless of how good they are, we are also in some decent form ourselves so why should we fear anyone in this league at the moment?

"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt". - (Measure for measure Act I, Scene IV).
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