Nottingham Forest 1-4 Millwall ~ Match Musings

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Me and MrsB were still on a bit of a high after the Huddersfield result as we fired up the Bonemobile to head northwards, bound for the City ground, Nottingham to see if the Lions recent resurgence could continue against, shall we say, a more challenging side than the pathetic lot that capitulated (yet again) at the Den.

We had Del and Lin for company and the journey up the M1 was as clean and clear as you could wish for and although the weather was as inconsistent as an Alan Dunne performance, we got to Nottingham in plenty of time to park up in the grounds of the stadium.

En route we had all sorts of conversations going on but one topic we briefly covered was the ‘full kit wankers’ phenomenon that is sprouting up everywhere. The concept being that we knew Forest were dedicated happy clappers these days, gone were days when they had hordes turning up with lumps of twigs in the long matted hair, snarling and growling like demented woodsman before being kicked from arseholes to next week by bemused but somewhat more capable ruffians from South London.

So, the game was, who could spot a full kit wanker first and we failed miserably. Not one was on show. Plenty of Forest fans wearing the top but not one in full kit, which was a bit surprising but we went into the ground and settled down in the bright winter sunshine and waited for the team news. As the players were warming up, Lin piped up “full kit wanker!” pointing excitedly forward. Del shook his head sadly and said “That’s Dexter Blackstock,” but in truth, she could well have had a fair point to claiming victory in the game…

Newbie alert time, Mr Jackett had made a swoop in mid-week to get a loanee from Spurs: Adam Smith. He was drafted straight into the first team at right back so this is how the rest of the lined up: Forde in goal, Smith A at right back, Beevers and Shittu in central defence leaving Lowry to fill the left back position, The midfield had a familiar look about it with Henry and Taylor C on the flanks with Trotter and Abdou in the middle which meant the striking partnership of Henderson and Wood was retained.

Around 700 fans had turned up to spur the Lions on and as Forest were doing kids for a quid day there was a very healthy ,looking 24,000 odd home fans filling the place up. The atmosphere was pretty good. We had no idea what was about to take place…

Referee Mathieson got the game going and we looked full of confidence as we took the game to the home side, good work involving Taylor and Henderson saw Wood hit a tame shot straight at ‘keeper Camp in the Forest goal but we hardly had time to get comfortable as we watched Henry chip a high ball into the box which the Forest defence failed to deal with. The ball went to Taylor who laid it off to Trotter who again pulled of that sleight of foot he did against Huddersfield and took the ball forward to just inside their area and yet again he showed his composure by picking out the perfect shot that flew into the back of the net. 0-1! Barely 3 minutes in and we were a goal to the good.
Naturally the home crowd were stunned into silence as the they watched us lot going loopy but naturally deep down we knew we had another 87 minutes left to defend this early lead…

As expected, Forest came looking for a quick equaliser but Beevers and Shittu looked commanding in defence and Smith A looked like he had been playing at right back for us all season, but even he fell into the ‘Reid’ trap as we watched the usual short fat fucker’s attempt at putting us to the sword. Reid cut in from the left wing and we feared the worse as he levelled his sights on goal but this time his low effort smashed into the side netting, the Forest fans thought it had gone in and their disappointed little faces when reality dawned only served to inspire the Lions fans to take the piss even more.

It was Reid again who had the next effort some fifteen minutes or so into the game with a straight forward shot that Forde dealt with comfortably. We were, in truth, bossing the game, the back four looked assured, the midfield had control but the two front men were just a little off the pace so although we had much of the ball the end product wasn’t happening. We had a couple of decent chances to increase the lead, James Henry looking very sharp got over a beautiful cross that caused total panic in the Forest defence but all to no avail and then when Taylor hit a low drive we were all on our feet in anticipation as Camp spilled the ball but Henderson was just a second too late to get to the loose ball and the chance had gone.

We were, in truth, cruising, but at 0-1 the danger was always that they might get a lucky equaliser and unfortunately that is exactly what happened. Billy Sharp played a rather fortuitous one two with Cox and found himself through on goal and as Forde rushed out to narrow the angle, Sharp made no mistake in picking his spot and suddenly it was 1-1.

This was, I must emphasis, totally against the run of play and on reflection we should not have been too concerned but in the heat off the moment it seemed that we might just unravel. The lads have clearly learned their lessons in this situation and instead of going gung ho looking for a second goal the emphasis turned onto defence and we tightened up properly at the back and never gave them any real sniff at our goal. The midfield were working tirelessly to break up any passage of play the home side tried to muster and the work rate from all four was impressive. The back four, Beevers in particular were solid and although we weren’t really creating anything up front we looked a million miles away from the team we had at the beginning of the season.

As half time approached we almost succumbed to another sucker punch as Sharp chased down a loose ball but Forde was on it like a flash and he dived bravely at the feet of Sharp and clearly palmed the ball away. Sharp went to ground and suddenly the place erupted as the home fans demanded a penalty. For a split second it looked like Referee Mathieson had pointed to the spot and the Forest fans cheered the decision but what he was doing was pointing to the six yard line indicating a goal kick as the eagled eyed ref had noticed the ball had indeed bounced off of Sharp’s shin after Forde had saved.

The lads went off with our cheers and applause ringing in their ears as it was a sterling first forty five and we had looked the better team throughout. The game was there to be won…

The second forty five was astonishing.

Mr Jackett made no changes but whatever was said at the break had the desired effect as we absolutely destroyed them. It all started in the first few seconds as we pushed them hard and we won a throw in deep into the left side of their half and has the players were positioning themselves a bit of a furore erupted in the penalty area, Elliott Ward , the vermin encrusted pitiful excuse of a brother of Darren claimed that Henderson had elbowed him. Referee Mathieson was quick to defuse the situation and from my lip reading skills I believe he said to him “Look son, if Henderson elbowed you then we wouldn’t be having this conversation as you would be unconscious you long streak of paralysed piss” or words to that effect.

Forest’s feathers were now ruffled and what followed plucked them, stuffed them and put them on a platter. We were immense; a team full of belief and self-confidence a veritable juggernaut of a side that were stopping for no one.

Taylor and Henry were raiding the lines, Wood and Hendo were putting it about and trotter and Abdou were totally in control of the middle. The back four, although not tested too much looked solid as a rock.

Wood had a glorious chance to head home a second Millwall goal after a fabulous cross from Henry but the ball flew wide of the mark and then Henry himself did virtually the same as Henderson worked the ball well on the left side and pinged over a very decent ball into the six yard area.

We were turning the screw and Forest were crumbling…

On the hour mark all our good work was finally rewarded. We were awarded a free kick deep inside their half and just to the right. Henry stood over the ball as the players all lined up on the edge of the area. He strode up to the ball and curled an absolutely stunning ball that saw Henderson race onto and head past the stricken Camp. 1-2! Now we could celebrate and the Forest fans were stunned into silence. Their gormless faces’ staring at the lunatics from South London was a picture in itself.

Our collective tails were up now and Forest were in panic mode. They knew they were up against a far superior side and they had no comeback at all. In fact, straight after the goal we knew we were safe as they took off our arch nemesis fatty Reid so the only danger they had was removed from the field of play. And the full kit wanker came on. It was ShowTime…

We just dominated them after this; it was an absolute joy to watch as we put them to the sword. This was no fluke result; this was total annihilation bordering on biblical proportions.

With fifteen minutes still to play our domination finally brought further reward. James Henry breaking from deep split the Forest defence apart like a used tissue as he cantered towards goal he spotted Wood unmarked on the left and fed the ball out to him. Wood controlled the ball and cut across the eighteen yard line with Forest trying in vain to stop him getting his shot away but he was too strong for them and although his powerful drive took a deflection on its way into the net, in my mind, it was going in any way! 1-3!!! Complete mayhem in the away section, fire drill practice in the home section. Their stands were emptying quicker than a party of nuns at a Frankie Boyle gig.

We were romping around the City ground now; total control, game won and no possible way back (no Birmingham repeats here) for beleaguered Forest. They didn’t know what had hit them.

As the last five minutes approached we knew we had a lovely cake on display but it was just missing that little bit of icing on the top and lo and behold we got what we wanted when again we tore their defence a new one and when Lowry chipped a perfect ball down the left flank for the industrious Taylor, the strawberry blonde winger picked up the pace and whipped in a cross into the box and Keogh, a recent replacement for Henderson , was on hand to poke home Millwall’s fourth goal of the game. 1-4, thank you and goodnight.

At the final whistle the players came over to accept their well-deserved adulation from the 700 who had made the short trip and it was a scenario I suspect none of us thought might happen. Four goals away from home and at a club that had been in some decent form themselves, it was a fantastic day all round. It is, as the saying goes, why we go to away games. These sort of results instil a feeling that just cannot be described.
So another four goal demolition job and strangely enough as per the Huddersfield game, the referee was splendid (there must be a link in there somewhere). He let the game flow, made the right decisions and generally kept himself out of the limelight. Well done to him!

Watford away next and work commitments mean I cannot make this so if we record an historical 3 on the spin 4 goal win then I will have to cry silently into my wife’s arms for putting job security before my beloved Lions!

"Be not afraid of greatness: some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them". - (Twelfth Night, Act II, Scene V).

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    Their stands were emptying quicker than a party of nuns at a Frankie Boyle gig.

    “Look son, if Henderson elbowed you then we wouldn’t be having this conversation as you would be unconscious you long streak of paralysed piss”

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    Great report and filled in the gaps that alcohol caused.
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