Peterborough 0-3 Millwall ~ Match report

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So once again we are off on our travels to get some respite for the abysmal home form that has plagued us is 2012. A nice easy mid-week away game, in fact, as Peterborough became the next in line to try and hamstring our push up and away from the dreaded relegation zone.

This should have been an easy trip as stated but it very nearly became a non-starter for me and MrsB. The plan was a simple one. MrsB drives over to Canary Wharf to collect me en route to the M11 etc etc.

The first bit was accomplished quite easily and as I walked across the road to the Bonemobile, MrsB jumped out to allow me to get in the driving seat but she shut the door behind her as a Taxi drove past.

I went to open the boot to throw my coat in and it was locked. I tried both back doors; locked. Passenger door; locked. MrsB quickly tried the driver’s door….locked. Oh shit, engine running, and we are on the outside looking in. After an initial panic common sense took over. We called the RAC only to be told our membership had expired last November. We could re-join there and then but they would have to add on a fee for an emergency call out so the happy girl on the phone trills “ £145 please, thank you very much, you fucking stupid people”… well alright, she didn’t say the last bit but I bet she wanted to…

I then get a call back from the RAC man who told me he would be about 40 minutes but he had no idea if he could get us in so he would tow us to a locksmith…

I could see Peterborough fading away in my mind’s eye and I felt like busting a window and just getting in that way but I knew it was never going to happen. Then we get a visit from two plod that strolled casually up and told us we were parked in a Taxi rank so we were going to get an £85 fine. I don’t know if it was my maniacal psychopathic stare that did it but they quickly grinned and told us not to worry they would tell ‘control’ to leave us alone and then had the audacity to quote from one of my favourite films ever…”it could be worse, it could be raining”…

They strolled off in their measured way and we were left waiting for the RAC man to come and sort us out and then MrsB said she was getting cold so I offered her my coat but she said she would go and wait over in the station entrance opposite where we were parked.

As she went to cross the road she just went to the driver’s door to “give it a try” and fuck my old boots the door opened. We still don’t know what happened, maybe a combination of accidently hitting the child lock button and making a complete arse of ourselves was the reason but I quickly jumped in, got MrsB on board and drove off sharpish.

A call to the RAC at least got us an £85 refund for not having the emergency call out and we were soon heading north for the football.

Despite pissing around with the car for the best part of an hour we still got there with plenty of time to spare and made our way into the antiquated stand. It is a strange sort of stadium by today’s standards, 2 ends of good old fashioned terracing, and old dilapidated grand stand and a new main stand that on closer inspection reveals that the architect forgot to include a front wall and couldn’t measure an equal length for spacing the rows of seats. But it was very quaint indeed.

Now I am going to honest and say that when the line-up was announced I groaned inwardly for a split second and then sat back in acceptance and hope.

Forde in goal, Dunne, Robbo, Ward and Barron across the back, Bouazza, Smith, Wright and Henry in the midfield with Kane and Keogh as the strikers.

About 650 Millwall fans had made the effort and when referee Eltringham got the game going they were all in full voice, the acoustics in the old place echoing all the voices like a badly drawn cathedral choir, it evoked memories of games gone past, a trip back in time to when it was just about supporting your team, no matter what they were doing on the pitch.

The players, for their part, responded superbly and we were soon pushing the home side back into their half and on five minutes we watched in pure pleasure as a lovely little move down the right hand side saw James Henry float a delicate ball across the box for Bouazza who headed the ball down hard and the bounce beat Jones, the Peterborough ‘keeper, and nestled into the back of the net. 0-1! What a fantastic start to the game.
The expected back lash from the home side came soon after but a vicious looking shot from Taylor went far enough wide of Forde’s goal to cause little concern.

We settled down after this and began to take command of the game but it wasn’t as smooth as it could have been but nevertheless, the one goal lead was a nice little cushion to be sitting on as the home side went about trying to get themselves back on level terms.

They failed at every turn though. The back four were looking solid and with Smith and Wright tidying things up in midfield it left Bouazza and Henry (especially Henry) to torment their full backs at every opportunity.

Keogh and Kane were also looking pretty sharp as a front two and they combined well on the fifteen minute mark with the latter getting taken out by a cynical tackle which looked like a cast iron claim for a penalty but referee Eltringham waved play on.

The game sort of drifted after that into a bit of a scrappy affair but at no time did we look like losing our slender lead. The team was working well as a unit and they looked purposeful and controlled with every passage of play.

As the first half ended it seemed like we were definitely the better side and it was so far so good.

The second half was a bit of a revelation. No changes to the Lions line up but an even firmer belief that this game was ours. James henry was fired up in the first half but was positively on fire for the second and his attitude was infectious as the rest of the team refused to curb their enthusiasm and went hunting for a second goal.
Five minutes in saw Smith feed the ball through to Harry Kane who kept his composure and struck a deft effort that hit the outside of the post with Jones well beaten.

Then Bouazza, careering down the left was picked out by Keogh and his cross come shot flashed right across the face of the Peterborough goal and moments later an almost exact copy of this happened from the other side when Henry found Barron who fed Kane and his low cross was almost met by Henry but his leg just wasn’t long enough to make contact.

By now Peterborough were operating from deep within their own half and we kept the pressure on them the whole time, it was an absolute total dominating performance from the Lions and all we needed was that elusive second goal.

And it duly arrived on the 70 minute mark. A foul out on the left side of the pitch saw Henry chip in a weighted free kick that was met by Keogh whose clever header looped over the despairing dive of Jones and went into the top corner of the net. 0-2!! Fantastic stuff and well deserved it was too.

Peterborough capitulated. We were simply too good for them and they knew it. It was exhibition stuff at times as we swept them away. Mr jacket finally decided to make a change with about five minutes left, bringing on Craig and taking off Bouazza and that meant Barron moved into the midfield to see the game out.

But there was one more piece of sublime play from a clearly buoyant Millwall side. The 90 minutes was about up when Forde just seemed to punt the ball forward but it was a measured punt aimed at Kane who paced it perfectly and hit a volley that caught Jones out completely as it flew into the back of the net. 0-3!!! What a performance.

It was an absolutely stunning performance from the boys and I will not have it that Peterborough was crap. We were simply much better.

People often ask me why I follow Millwall away from home, especially on a Tuesday night, well, my inquiring friends, this result is exactly why.

Even the A14 being shut and the windscreen getting smashed on the home didn’t dampen our spirits, Millwall had won away 0-3 and all was right in the world again.

Forest away next and if we play half as well as we did tonight then the three points are already safely in the bag

See you all there!
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