The coma man

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me and paulion were thinking about this last night. We were thinking of all the people who might look like they are in a coma but they're not and they have to lie there and pretend to sleep. You could spy on people and find out some really good secrets cos people would think you couldnt hear but really you could. they might say oh well i didnt like her anyways. Or they might steal your bracelet or a belonging. Or they might say a really good family secret like someone is adopted or something. not me but someone else. That would be fun. But the non fun part would be being soooooooooooo booooooooooored imagine just lying there all day and night with zero to do. not even a bit of fresh air. You could try to make up a song or a story but then you couldnt write it down so yu would forget it and noone would bother putting on the tv for a member of the half dead. you might forget what stuff outside looks like after such a long time. you might forget how to walk and talk and that so when people realised you weren't in a coma then you would be too useles to do anything anyways. Being in a coma must be very boring. I feel sorry for that man. If i met him i would say well done for being alive and not angry.
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    Nightmare, 23 years just lying there.

    What if you had an itch?
    you probably have loads of itches over the years and you would have to ignore it. and you couldnt look in the mirror so you would get a nasty shock when you saw all the wrinkles that had grown cos i bet noone moisturised him
    i wonder if you can fart in a coma?