Ive been thinking about existing stuff again

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and i wonder. Do hedge hogs ACTUALLY exist? Ive never seen one in real life, ive heard a lot of talk about them and that but they could be a myth. Like there are some very cute pics and that but it could be a baby animal that grows into a fox or not a fox but something else, and thats why you never see a hedehog. i always look for them but no luck in finding one and i dont know anyone who has seen one in real life. my mum said she did but she said she could ride a bike backwards but i dont think that can be true. she said she would use her legs on the ground but i dont think that will get her very far at all. anyway, i like the look of them if they are real.

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    they are real. i have seen a dead one.
    BUT IT COULD HAVE BEEn a baby porcupine
    maybe non of this is real and you are having an existential crisis Princess
    i could be in a tank and really im an avatar. that would be weird if one day i woke up in a tank and none of my life was real and i was a different person
    I think therefore I am!
    did you know that if you have a 7/8 year old son Avatar is a programme about a young boy called Ang who is an air bender and has to learn to be a water, earth and fire bender before he can kick the bad guy's arse and is a really cool series that we love BUT stupid JAMES CAMERON IDIOT stole it :-(

    That's Aang!
    Yeah! I saw a promo for that the other day!!!!! i didnt watch it tho cos i cant like japanese cartoons and it looks japanese to me
    it is excellent