Wouldn't it be cool if you could delete people from your life?

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Like you can delete them from Facebook or on here? Not kill them or anything, just delete them so you don't have to deal with their inane bollocks or nastiness or stupidity or just plain pooness.

I would love that.
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    yeah that would be good and you could delete them from your memory would alsobe good, like if someone dies and you felt sad just delete em then you wouldnt be sad. it would be good if your brains were a computer really then you could add and delete and download anything you liked.
    yeah but what would happen if your brain crashed? how would you reboot it? or what if you needed a new hard drive? Where would you stick it? or if you became out dates? or someone spilled their tea on you?

    it would be fraught with difficulties.
    if you deleted them from your memory you might just keep meeting them again and they might not have deleted you from their memory and so they would remember. I have enough trouble remembering things as it is without remembering who I have to forget!
    Dunno about people...but theres certainly a few situations Id like to delete...all part of life I spose, its a big leaning curve.