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Everyman paid 125.00 on behalf of the Millwall Prediction League

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I have paid 125.00 to the Everyman charity using my Paypal account. When making that payment, I quoted the reference "Millwall Prediction League 2011/2012" but it didn't show on my Paypal receipt. I later received confirmation email(s) and I have replied to one of those. A copy of those emails is attached..............

I have also sent a cheque to Siggles for the balance of the money I was holding (after fees). When he gets that cheque, he will be holding a total of 350.00 (after fees) which will be used to pay the prize money at the end of the season: IE 250.00 1st Prize (50%) - 100.00 2nd Prize (20%)Name:  125.00 Pounds from Prediction League to Everyman Charity.jpg
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