What kind of things annoy you

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I know I'm not the brightest tool in the cupboard and I don't have much general knowledge but I always try my best. Once when I was in a restaurant I heard someone pretending they didn't know what a bowl was called, he said it was a round thing and it is so annoying that some people just pretend to be stupid for no reason. Some people on here think I pretend to be stupid but I don't. I told everyone I have 2 degrees and I'm not stupid but I just don't have much knowledge of the world thats all. But some people still think I am made up. What I don't like the most is people who say I am loving it or I am liking it. You cant say that. You can't say I am needing that or I am knowing that. So you can say I loved that or I love that or I will love that but you can't say I am loving that and it really really really annoys me when I hear people saying that.
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    Quite right. Our language gets mutilated on a daily basis and it is painful to hear people spout these inane comments.

    "Can I get" when asking if you may purchase something is also high on the list.
    Loving this blog entry P :)

    Also can I get a a double mocha?