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Monthly Points 2010/11 - April 2011

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Monthly Points 2010/11 - April 2011

August............9 out of 12............(09/10 - 7 out of 15)
September......3 out of 15............(4 out of 15)
October..........7 out of 15.............(13 out of 15)
November.......5 out of 15............(2 out of 9)
December......8 out of 12.............(10 out of 18)
January.........10 out of 15.............(10 out of 12)
February........5 out of 18.............(12 out of 15)
March............10 out of 12.............(13 out of 15)
April...............? out of 21............(11 out of 18)
May................? out of 3..............(3 out of 6)

Sat 02 April - Hull City (A)
Sat 09 April - Leeds United (H)
Tue 12 April - Bristol City (H)
Sat 16 April - Coventry City (A)
Sat 23 April - Preston North End (H)
Mon 25 April - Scunthorpe United (A)
Sat 30 April - Swansea City (H)

Excellent - 17 points or more
Good - 12 - 16 points
Poor - less than 12 points.

All Action April

Look at all those games, my god, strap yourselves in we're making a charge for the play-offs - again!
The first game of the month was at Hull and we won 1-0, very good result - only our 3rd win away to Hull in 27 visits.
(Last season - n/a)

Next we host Leeds, fellow play-off hopefuls who we must beat to keep the promotion dream alive.
They have away form of 7-7-5, scoring 29 and conceding 29. With 2 of those 5 defeats coming in the last 6 games, against lowly Sheffield United and high flying Swansea. They have kept 4 clean sheets on the road, and failed to score in 4 away games.
Their topscorers are Becchio(18), Gradel(16), Somma(12) & Howson(11). Most assists are from Becchio(9), Howson(8), Gradel(7) & Snodgrass(6).
Our record against Leeds at our place is good, 5-2-3 scoring 16 and conceding 12.
(Last season - won 2-1)

Three days later a Tuesday evening home game against Bristol City. They have away form of 6-4-9, scoring 26 and conceding 29. They have kept 5 clean sheets and failed to score in 5 games.
Their topscorers are Pitman(11), Clarkson(7), Elliott(6) & Stead(6). Their assists come from Adomah(11), McAllister(5) & Clarkson(5).
Our record versus Bristol City at our place is very good 21-11-10 scoring 73 and conceding 48.
(Last season - n/a)

And then....we were sent to Coventry to play City who sit just above the relegation zone but seemingly safe-ish due to the poor quality of those below them. There's big trouble in little Coventry with the sacking of their manager, resignation of Chairman and rumours of possible administration. Bad karma for providing woman beater M. King a living after gaol?
Their home record is 8-3-9, scoring 24 and conceding 24.
Their topscorers are Jutkiewicz(7), McSheffrey(7) & King(7). Most assists come from Gunnarsson(6), McSheffrey(5) & Platt (4).
Our record at Coventry is poor, 8-2-14 scoring 26 and conceding an almost double 51.
(Last season - n/a)

Next up on Saturday tea-time in front of The Sky cameras and members of the armed forces, this being our 'Help for Heroes' day and St Georges Day, we play Preston North End. They sit firmly in the relegation zone and need more miracles than Lourdes to escape their fate.
They have away form of 3-6-10, 4th worst in the League, scoring 24 and conceding 35. They have failed to score in 7 away games and only kept 1 clean sheet on the road, and that was at bottom team Scunthorpe.
Their topscorers are Hume(10), Parkin(7) & Treacy(7). The most assists come from Treacy(8) & Hume(5).
Our record versus Preston at our place is excellent, 18-4-6 scoring 54 while conceding 30.
(Last season - n/a)

Less than 48 hours later on Bank Holiday Monday we're at Scunthorpe to play relegated(by the 25th they will be) United. They have the worst home record in the League, 4-4-11. Scoring just 15 and conceding 34. They've failed to score in 9 home games but kept 6 clean sheets, including 1-0 victories against high-flying Swansea & Forest.
Their topscorers are Woolford(8), Dagnell(7) & O'Connor(6). With top assists from Byrne(5) & Forte(4).
Our record at Scunthorpe is evenly, 2-1-2 scoring 11 and conceding 11.
(Last season - n/a)

And to end the month we host fellow promotion hopefuls and our targets to overhaul for OUR play-off place - Swansea. They have away form of 8-2-10, scoring 25 and conceding 29.
Their topscorers are Sinclair(22) & Pratley(10). Their most assists come from Dyer(7) & Gower(7).
Our record at home to Swansea is very good, 11-4-4 scoring 29 and conceding 17.
(Last season - n/a)

A very busy month, lots of points to play for and getting up into those play-off places is a real possibility.