What are you gonna have on your gravestone and what song at your funeral?

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'I was fabulous and it was a bloody good laugh' Jonny Lee Miller, Plunkett & Maclean

and the genius of Paolo Nuttini, Pencil full of Lead.

Don't want any of that moping rubbish - everyone will wear pink or Millwaal related clothes, and the night before I want my coffin to be used as a table while everyone gets drunk and tells funny stories about me!

Hurrah for having been alive I shall say!!!!
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    either mack the knife- booby darin or fake plastic trees - radiohead
    "I told you I was ill" (Spike Milligan I think?)
    I'm not having a gravestone. noone is putting me in a cemetry full of dead people with a tiny little square of my own. i want to be put on a burning raft out to sea or burned but with the lid off and buckets of water incase i wake up then sprinkled with my pets in the animal garden in cambridge or somewhere nice like the falls of aberfeldy. but no grave stone its to9o depressing.
    Me and my wife have agreed the tunes we want played at our funerals. The final song / tune I want, when the curtains swing back and the coffin goes through the doors into the incinerator, but she is adamant I won't get is Return to Sender or Colonel Bogey.

    We have agreed that I can have One Step Beyond
    One Step Beyond is wicked!

    I wouldn't mind having a Viking funeral but I think they are illegal now :-(
    Im going to have 'Thank fuck thats over with'

    Songs...'Getting away with it' (all my life) and 'Pearls Cafe' by the specials