Millwall 0-0 Nott'm Forest ~ Match Report

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As we approach the business end of the season it is fair to say our play off aspirations have cooled off somewhat as two defeats on the spin have more or less put paid to our chances of a top six finish but lets keep our glasses half full in the mean time as we welcomed the erstwhile twice European champions back to the Den for what is still billed as a play off battle (even if only one team is actually in a play off berth).

MrsB and me had the company of NickB & Jack as the Bonemobile made its way in the back streets of Bermondsey and even though we were reasonably early there was still a sizable crowd already gathering outside the stadium.

Strangely, though, I thought I might’ve taken a wrong turning somewhere and ended up in Euro land. There was more hurdy gurdying than cor blimey guvnor going on as we found ourselves amid a plethora of foreigners all wandering around with daft grins on their faces and bedecked in Millwall apparel. I might’ve missed something in dispatches but maybe Millwall have been on a recruiting drive to get a more cosmopolitan audience for the remaining home games but I for one can do without these occidental tourists and their fake “Millwall ist gut, Ya”? shenanigans.

But I guess their Euros are as welcome to Millwall as our pound notes so if the club benefit financially then I suppose we will have to live with it.

Fuckin’ weird though…

A very healthy 14,000+ inside the Den to see Mr Jackett pit his wits against Billy Davies, a dour, bitter little scot with plenty to be dour and bitter about.

The Forest following was again very disappointing, failing to fill the top tier, it would seem that they need to be in the premier league before their stay away fans start travelling again. Money is always an object though to your average northerner and Nottingham in particular is a very poor part of the country so perhaps I shouldn’t be so disparaging about the scruffy, inbred, soap-dodging patrons of Robin Hood County.

Mr Jackett made changes from the side that lost to Reading and reverted to a starting formation of 4-4-2 and they lined up as follows:

Forde, Dunne, Robbo, Purse, Craig, Bouazza, Trotter, Mkandawire, Henry, Harris & Morison.

Referee Beadle, sorry, Hill, got the game started and we made good progress, Bouazza going on a mazy little run down the left flank had the Forest defence all over the place but there was no end product.

It was Bouazza again who had the first shy at goal minutes later when good work on the right from, I think, Morison, saw the ball fall invitingly for the Algerian midfielder but his rocket of a shot narrowly went over the bar.

The ref then decided to spoil what looked like a decent game of football with some ludicrous decisions that smacked instantly of “ I know what happened at the last game and I am not going to be intimidated” but what actually meant was “My personality is as weak as my left arm and I so need to prove to myself that I am not an insignificant waste of space”.

It began with a blatant foul on Henry, just outside the box that got Henry a yellow card for verbal’s and it just went downhill, refereeing wise, from that point on. To be fair though, the useless fucker was consistent and the Forest fans had the hump with him as well.

You know it must have been bad when a five year old boy (my grandson Jack to be precise) went into a 45 second, full on, arm waving, bellowing rant at a decision that quite frankly Angryman of the east upper himself would have been proud of. It received a glowing response from serial ranter Essex Exile as well…J

Forest had a long range effort that Forde did well to push away for a corner but the rest of the half was really al about a midfield battle and both sides sort of negated each others progress and this coupled with the stop start decisions of the Beadlesque referee merely frustrated all concerned.

Forest wasted a golden opportunity to snatch the lead after we were caught out down our right flank but the wicked cross-field pass whisked by Forde, the goal and the in rushing McGoldrick and out for a goal kick.

Bouazza did have another decent shot at goal after Henry linked up with Harris and sent over a deep ball that Bouazza controlled well before unleashing a low drive that ‘keeper Camp took two attempts to gather but that was about it for the first forty five.

Half time saw boos emanating from all sections of the ground and I can assure you they were aimed solely at the inept officials who made a big show of waiting to be escorted off the pitch.

The second half was more a case of “after you Claude” with both teams making errors and then failing to capitalise and even though clearly someone had had a word with Referee Hill to reign in his idiocy the game drifted into a frustrating stalemate of an encounter with both side doing their best not to lose rather than trying to win.

McGugan worked an opening for himself, with Forde parrying his attempt for a corner and the Lions keeper again came to the rescue, averting the danger following a keystone kop type goalmouth scramble.

Mr Jackett had seen enough and decided to make a change, He took off Harris and replaced him with Lisbie and brought on Schofield for the rapidly tiring Bouazza.

Schofield first contribution was to collect the ball and look to send Morison through for a clean run at goal but the Forest defender Morgan blatantly stopped the ball with his hand but would you believe it, none of the officials manage to see it yet about four thousand voices in the east stand called in unison for Hand ball…

The game had 0-0 written all over by now and even when Forest brought on the pygmy Earnshaw it made little consequence to the final outcome.

Plenty of fans were moaning about the quality of the game but in my opinion it wasn’t too bad for a 0-0 and was quite intriguing to see us nullify a team that are a lot of pundits favourites for promotion. We have come a long way in a short space of time in this division and I hope you are all enjoying it as much as me. There will be more frustration ahead before the season concludes but for now just think were we were last season and wallow in your crapulent state as we strive to establish ourselves as a solid Championship side.

Hmmmm…Watford away next so hold onto your hats and let’s see if we can exorcise that particular demon from earlier on in the season.

This game is going to be a sell out for us so I am sure I will see at least some of you there?
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