This is GROSS

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How can people do this to their kids. a bit of salad or fruit or brown bread doesnt even cost as much as fast food. sickos. i wish they could be arrested for child abuse.

Pupils at Kingsmead Primary School in east London are fans of “ding” food. This isn’t some new snack on the market, targeted at young people: it’s food cooked in a microwave, that goes “ding” when it’s ready.

Pupils’ school lunches are often remnants of chicken and chips in takeaway boxes and are accompanied with a note asking if it can be heated up in the microwave. “If there was an emblem for this bit of Hackney, it would be a red and yellow box of fried chicken and chips,” says Louise Nichols, headteacher of the primary school, which caters for 240 pupils. Most of the pupils live on the nearby Kingsmead Estate, where the only food outlets are a grocery shop and a fried chicken shop.
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    Sounds like a good place to open watermelon/western union shop ;)
    You are right P - it is gross.

    My kids aren't allowed to eat processed food as a rule, a fact which annoys them but means they are not fat and spotty and palid and greasy and unhealthy.
    GOOD. We don't eat any processed food i cook every day from scratch. better that way.