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like people dont believe in santa any more. I'm not saying i do, thats for babies. But supposing in the old days if you really really did believe, maybe he would bring you a present. And now noone believes he thinks well why should I bother, they dont believe me anyways. So everyone suffers. Well not me because i got over 90 presents this year then i stopped counting but the poor people could get a little something maybe if they believed.

And like people say oh i dont believe in magic, but i do because this mam in cuba did it. Right on my table he did it. I saw him. One minute the ball was in his hand then it was gone then it was in my hand nd noone knew how.

And then people dont believe in magic but they do believe in evolution but they cant even see it. There's a few bones and that in the museum but anyone can make a few bones up and say its evolution. If there is evolution why hasnt a slug evolved to be a snail instead of chasing snails and trying to steal their house. Why havent women evolved to not have body hair in private parts and under arms so it doesnt need waxed all the time. Why havent we evolved to run and fly so we dont need cars and planes. co we cant. evolution isnt true. I told paul i believed in it to make him happy but i dont it's all a ruse. We just arrived on earth somehow and we'll live here for a while all staying the same until the earth is over and that's that.

Some people believe in god but i wont mention what i think about that now because i need a cup of tea and maybe a little sweetie.
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    i strongly believe in checking the caps lock button before you post . . .
    (you had caps lock when you did the title)
    Yeah i saw that but i couldnt be bothered to fix it :-)
    Is it not possible that evolution could have occurred the same way as dog breeds are created?

    For example, they could have paired the two most intelligent people for generations to eventually increase our knowledge.

    The same with the strong etc.
    who would have been in charge of that tho. too difficult. and if that was so there would be no retards or pikeys or fat people and we would evolve out of cancer and that cos if we didnt like something we'd just pair off and evolve.
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    who would have been in charge of that tho. too difficult. and if that was so there would be no retards or pikeys or fat people and we would evolve out of cancer and that cos if we didnt like something we'd just pair off and evolve.
    It could have been organised at the very beginning, but once the human race increased to a certain level it became impossible to control, so the retards could not be sifted out.
    The thing is, if you are strong and good looking, things are easier for you, so you don't try as hard a those who are not so good looking, thats why the Queen is very rich, but her family are ugly.
    how's the teacher training going?
    Naaa I don't buy that. It's too silly. No one could control it and if evolution was natural it would just HAPPEN wouldnt it without a someone in charge. The best looking nicest people would carry on and the dirty pikeys would die out. We'd have wheels for feet and all sorts. If evolution was true then it wouldnt just stop. it would be so good that it would carry on forever.

    Teaching is the best i am learning soooooo much and it is WAY better than tv, not started the actual training yet, but ive got an interview for the course next week and i am very excited about that. Me and my class can learn so many wonderful things every single day then it will be the best job ever
    Surely the dirty pikeys would be breeding with their own and likewise with the good looking ones. Won't we eventually evolve into 2 races, Gorgeous sexy people and west ham fans?????
    thats what H Wells was saying in his book; 'Time Machine'
    what about other things you cant see Princess? Like Time or the back of your head? Does that mena the dont exist?
    we already are 2 races well 3 really. they are the 3 classes of life like not working, working and members of the rich. Like on that programme generation xl with the fat kids it was sick, the parents fed their kids all sorts an didn't even know what a healthy diet was. If evolution was real they would be out. So would wasps. They are just bees but without the honey so they'd be dead. slug too as i said, they'd have a house of their own. Ants would be out because there are flying ants which must be better. there are no half monkey half humans roaming around in the middle of evolutions. So it cant be true.

    The back of my head is real i have hair on it and i usually look at it in the mirror to see if my hair is looking ok. Time i a bit weird really. There isnt actually any time humns just made it up. i think they did a really bad job. Wouldnt you rather have a longer day and a smaller night? I would. Like imagine get up, work, home, dinner, THEN a whole nother day left. then like 2 hours for sleep. Less waste that way.
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    thats very interesting Princess-I think you are right about time and such things humans make up to make the world make sense. The thing with evolution though is its survival of the fittest not the most desirable by us. So wasps survive I supppose because they are good at living through hard times.
    Yeah, like if you are fit then you live your whole life span but if you eat rubbish and never exercise you have a heart attack and die. that isn't evolution. that's just the world facts. it would be evolution if the people like that evolved to not have legs because they dont use them, or if people who commute to work for generations became a faster runner than a train or sthin. but if i look round i cant see ANY evolution. Once i thought i saw a butterfly with 4 wings but it was actually 2 butterflys. But 4 wings would be evolution cos they would be quicker. Actually better evolution would be being born a a butterfly intead of wasting time as a catapillar. the proof is in the pudding. if evolution was real a butterfly would be born a butterfly not a catapillar.
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    how will you explain it to the kids when you are a teacher? I think its part of science. If you dont believe in it that might be a bit difficult.
    how will you explain it to the kids when you are a teacher? I think its part of science. If you dont believe in it that might be a bit difficult.
    They dont teach it in primary at catholic school they teach creationism. But if i did teach it doesnt matter cos you dont have to believe in hat you teach, like i will have to teach about muslim and sikhs and diwali and i dont believe in that so it doesn't matter.
    Wow, creationism is bollocks, they should not be able to teach the kids lies.

    Evolution is a fact, you evolve into the perfect species to fit your needs, humans will never evolve wings or feet with wheels, that is ridiculous. It is a very slow process that takes millions of years. It will stop in humans as survival of the fittest no longer applies in our species, even the fat stupid retards survive as well as the next man.

    Santa is made up, if you believe it you won't get anymore presents, you'll just be disappointed.

    Humans made time to fit the planet, you couldn't make the day shorted otherwise it would be daytime while it was dark, you can't changed how fast the earth rotates or goes round the sun.

    Hair around the privates was to protect it when we didn't wear so many clothes, it will never evolve out.

    Slugs are a seperate animal to a snail as i explained before, they are not looking for a shell, they do not need shells. Its like saying a lizard is looking for a shell to be a tortoise. They are different things.

    Think of evolution in giraffes. They used to have normal necks. They eat stuff off trees. Its harder and harder to reach, one day a giraffe with a slightly longer neck is born, he can reach more and survives better than other giraffes. And he gets more women!! All his children have this gene and have slightly longer necks as well and survive better. Hundreds of thousands of years later, another is born with an even longer neck than the previous ones, the whole process carrys on again. Today they are the right height, so they, as a species are perfect. The fittest survived and the rest died. Thats how it works.
    Sorry about spelling mistakes but wrote it quick.
    Oh and the bloke in Cuba was just a good magician, he hid the ball!? It doesn't mean he didn't do it because we didn't see it, it just means that he was good at his job! If he could do real magic he wouldn't work in a hotel in the middle of nowhere.
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