Alton Towers and that

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Do you usually go on all the rides at the fair? I don't. Some are really scarry like oblivion and blade and enterprise and ripsaw. They are too much for me to take. I dont want to feel like i am dying. I do love air and the rollar costers but nothing too upside down or else ill be sick. And what if my heart stopped with the stress. People say if you do suicide by jumping from a cliff you'll be in shock and die before you hit the floor. So how will my body know im on oblivion and not jumping. I could tell it, i know that already, but how should i know which bit to tell. And besides being scared isnt fun. Except it is fun on some rides or when paulion hangs me upside down and spins me round and round so fast. So paulion i do love the fair and im glad we are going but dont blame me when i dont go on every ride because i just can't manage.
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    They're designed so they are safe. You won't die. You go on any ride becasue it is scary so might as well go on all of them. You wouldn't go to the zoo and not bother looking at half the animals.
    no i go on rides cos they are fun i dont go on scary ones cos they scare me. a vertical drop is not fun i just can not take it. id be sickon the person in front.