Leicester 4-2 Millwall ~ Match Report

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A trip to the Walkers crisps stadium is always a dour affair. It offers nothing in the way of excitement, a real hufty pufty sigh when the fixture comes around but it is a really easy place to get to so no surprise to find another 1200 odd Millwall fans had made the effort to show up.

It is a decent stadium, no question about that but it really is akin to turd polishing, isn’t it? I mean Leicester is not what you would deem a salubrious area at the best of times and the people are basically reminiscent of the green room at a Jeremy Kyle show.

Let’s take a closer look at Leicester, the place. For starters, it is situated in the East Midlands. Now just being in the midlands is a cruel twist of fate for anyone but to be in the East Midlands is truly appalling for everyone. It is one of the oldest cities in England, granted, but you would think that this would be an advantage on the progress front but they are still coming to terms with the concept of hot and cold running water and disposable razors. And soap.

The city’s motto is "Semper Eadem” which roughly translated means “always the same” and they seem to take this to the extreme. The citizens of Leicester would happily burn witches if left to their own devices and woe betide the man that forgets Nippy Hug day. This rather perverted custom means men from Leicester can demand a kiss from the woman of their choice, but if their request is denied, they have the right to pinch the woman's bum. Fucking heathens the lot of them...

We used to have a bloke from Leicester at work and he was known to everyone as Frombie. I had to ask someone after months had passed by why he was called Frombie and was told it was actually Thromby, not Frombie. I was still perplexed as the bloke’s real name was actually Bob Pitcher. I just couldn’t see a connection and finally I was told by an old hand that Thromby was short for “Thrombosis, because he is a slow moving clot”... This, of course, clearly could apply to anyone from Leicester...
do enough of the local shoulder biters, what of the game itself, well as me and MrsB parked the Bonemobile and took our seats we knew that Mr Jackett was having to make some serious changes to the line up as we are currently stuck with an horrendous injury list and stop gap loan signings were, unfortunately, the main talking point.

Unknown Norwich defender Berthal Askou and well known journeyman defender Darren Purse were drafted into the squad with Berthal Askou getting a place in the starting line up with Purse on the bench. So the team lined up as follows:

Forde in goal, Barron, Berthal Askou, Smith and Dunne across the back, Hackett, Abdou, Henry and Schofield in midfield with Robinson T and Morison as the two strikers.

Referee Ilderton got us going and we had an almost perfect start to proceedings when Robinson went forward with our first attack and was unceremoniously tripped up just inside their area after about a minute and the lino flagged immediately and to our delight the ref pointed to the spot for a penalty.

Morison collected the ball and placed it on the spot and as we held our collective breaths in the away section he stepped up and blasted the ball just over the bar. Bugger...that’s 2 in 2 for the big front man 

Leicester took the miss as a wakeup call and came straight at us and our back four did look horribly exposed at times and when Dyer slipped in under no real pressure we feared the worse and rightly so as his scuffed effort found its way passed Forde and into the back of our net. 1-0 and only about eight minutes played.

So what did we do? We came out fighting is what and if our defence looked shaky our attack looked pretty fine and within a few minutes we got the ball into their box and Abdou’s header found Henry just outside the area and the wing man controlled it superbly, gave himself a bit of space and hit an absolute screamer into the top corner. 1-1! What a superb response from the raggle taggle lions.

This equaliser put all thoughts of penalty misses to one side and when Morison played his trade mark move in from the right h was desperately unlucky with his final ball, aimed for the inrushing Schofield, as ‘keeper Weale just got his hands to the ball in time.

For a makeshift side, we were doing well and the home side were clearly rattled but as is often the case in games like this disaster struck us on the twenty five minute mark as Yakubu wandered aimlessly towards our goal he had no real inkling of what he should be doing so he tried to pass the ball across the face of our goal and completely miscued it. The softness of the trajectory clearly had Forde fooled and he let the ball drift under his outstretched arm and into the net, almost apologetically. 2-1 to them.

We almost responded with another equaliser when a superb header from Morison was tipped over the bar from Weale at full stretch and it would’ve been a well deserved equaliser as well as we were matching them all over the park.

Then, unfortunately, the ref stepped in and made a complete balls up of a decision when Barron timed his tackle perfectly and won the ball cleanly from Vassell just outside our area. The free kick was taken quickly with a lob over our wall to the unmarked Yakubu who again miss hit his shot but this time it went to Bamba, who was clearly offside, and he managed to steer the ball past Forde. No flag went up and the goal stood. 3-1 to them and it looked like game over by half time.

We didn’t really rally after this latest setback and they could’ve got a fourth before the break when Dyer again got goal side of Smith on Askou but his shot was always going well wide.

The half time whistle came and the lads trudged off as we contemplated the early penalty miss and its implications.

Mr Jackett made a change for the second half, bringing on Purse and taking off Theo Robinson, which seemed a bit strange as it meant Dunne went to midfield and Smith went to right back with Henry taking Robinsons place as the second striker but at 3-1 down we needed something and Mr Jackett certainly gave it to us.

Leicester, however, had other plans as well and they nearly got a fourth goal soon after the restart when a cross came in from the right and King headed wide when he really should have picked his spot.

But bit by bit we clawed our way back into the game and we really should have capitalised on our period of dominance. Hackett was fouled out on the right and his free kick was whipped into the box and Purse was free to score a debut goal but his header sort of went all in slow motion and rose gently up and over the bar.

Then soon after we saw Morison again apply his trade mark move with good work on the right and this time his low cross beat the ‘keeper but it also beat the outstretched boot of Henry and it went agonisingly past the goal and away to safety for the home side.
But our endeavours were finally rewarded after another good move which saw Askou clip the ball forward down the right to Hackett who headed it down to Dunne who tapped it to Henry who then slipped it back to Hackett who burst into their box only to be upended as he honed in on goal.

Another penalty! Would Morison step up and climb back on the proverbial horse? I am afraid not. Jack Smith took command and dispatched a clean shot into the bottom corner of the net. 3-2! And game truly back on.

But, just when it looked like we would be the more likely of the two teams to score the next goal, disaster well and truly struck.

Within two minutes of our goal and with about twenty still to play new loanie Askou made a bit of a clumsy challenge on Yakubu, who made a meal out of it, and referee Ilderton brandished the red card without any hesitation.

If you want a definition of adding insult to injury then from the resulting free kick the ball was lofted over our patched up back four and Bamba got on the end of it. His poor attempt looped up and over Forde and it looked like it was going wide but as Purse tried his best to get to it in dropped onto the far post and trickled into the net. 4-2 and it really was game over this time.

Mr Jackett soon changed things and took of Schofield for Lisbie...(no, me neither), and Henry dropped back into the midfield.

It could’ve been worse when moments later they got behind our back four again but Forde was out like a shot and although I must admit it looked like he took the player out but the ref wasn’t interested in giving another spot kick, but even then the ball fell kindly for them but Purse was on hand to block the rebound.

Purse again denied Yakubu a second goal late on with a really well timed tackle as the old striker prepared to shoot from close range.

The game ended with a whimper really and our glorious undefeated run had come to an end but considering the chopping and changing Mr Jackett had to endure I for one am confident we will gather ourselves up and go again as believe me, when our squad is back to full strength we are a match for anyone in this division.

We have a Friday night fixture next up with the re arranged postponed game against Barnsley so what better place to start our new stretch of unbeaten games than at the Den with the crowd behind us and the play off places just above?

See you all there?
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