• 1,400 children abused in Rotherham (n/w)

    During the final days of all major flawed ideologies that were doomed to fail from the begining (nazis, communism), the culprits and narrow minded extremists, apologists for the regime, totally loose all sense of reality and turn genuinely mad. Through their madness or rank arrogance, they cannot see that the writing is on the wall for their ideology. This is where we now are with this liberal, multicultural cult that has sadly dominated our society for decades. They have totally lost the plot. These people have now officially put so called racism above rape, torture, people trafficing and murder. There are so many things to pick out of this but for me the saddest is the absolute and final destruction of the white working class. The backbone of our country, proud and steeped in a great history (one that included tolerance rejection of extremism as well i should add) that we are all proud of, is now finished. Killed by middle class liberals and worst still, them selves in the labour party. Where are our men in the community stopping this? No where. Because we've been turned into nothing. We dont come together and more, the authorities have cleverly made sure that that cant happen. A culture where people used to stand up for their beliefs and justice is now more interested in throwing buckets of water over each other than the destruction of its people Anyone white, English person voting for Labour now is a traitor to themselves, their country, their history and their race. End of. All i am hearing is 'mistakes were made' - no, mistakes were not made, these were cold light of day decisions made in the name of your sick, twisted, utterly disgusting, racist cult of liberalism and multiculturalism. Labour have proved time and time again that they have nothing but contempt for the people that made them. For all you labour traitors out there, this is the words of your man in Rotherham... "I think there was a culture of not wanting to rock the multicultural community boat if I may put it like that.” “Perhaps yes, as a true Guardian reader, and liberal leftie, I suppose I didn’t want to raise that too hard.” There you have it from the horses mouth. Labour care more about their multicultural ideologies than they do about thousands of childrens lives being destroyed by rape gangs. Dianne Abbott to be fair is protesting.....protesting about some black kid that was shot 5000 miles away in a country and situation that has absolutely fuck all to do with us. Harriot Harman's response was almost funny. You vote labour, you are voting for racists that have DELIBERATELY destroyed the working class of this country As for the police, well, what can you say. Nothing is the answer. Any sane person knows what they are about. So for them, the industrial rape by racist criminal gangs is not a priority. You can bet your arse that getting a few civil bans on the local Rotherham football lads was though. The way they are talking its like they let some shoplifter get away from Matalan. So relaxed about the whole thing. Oh well, we'll learn and move on. Fuck off. You should be in prison for crimes against the people you arrogant slags. So we now officially live in a country where a black drug dealer carrying a gun is shot and the country burns while people loot JD sports - and they are some kind of freedom fighters. Abandonded, innocent, vulnerable white children are mentally and physically destroyed like something out of ISIS, and we still have people who are more concerned with hurting feelings. Its fucking outrageous. Everyone except the usual self hating vermin on this thread has made their points well. But ill go further and say their should be people executed for this. The racist labour party needs to be disbanded right now. The police, especially SYP, needs to also go and start from the bottom up. The top end traitors like George Galloway, UAF, SWP and all the major players who's words and actions over the years demonised people as racists and nazis, they needs to be taken out. They are all complicit in the genocide of a section of society and they should be treated the same. The BNP and Nick Griffen raised this years ago but the above mentioned attacked them and shot them down. Denis McShane should be doused in petrol and set alight for crimes against our people. All you liberals, all you people who have had a part to play in this greatest betrayal in Englands history, i hope you collectively and individually suffer a 10th of the mental and physical pain that these CHILDREN suffered. If there is any justice in the world it will happen sooner than later.