• Jes Holden - aka Fester

    Jes Holden aka Fester

    It is with the deepest regret that on behalf of his family I am announcing that Jes died early on Sunday evening following a devastating illness – pancreatic cancer.

    He faced his illness with good will, fortitude and utmost bravery. He was resigned to the outcome from the earliest stages – “ah fuck it…” when he told me, “well I’m not going to moan about it after all – its the way you live that’s important, not the way that you die.”

    But Jes did die as a well as any man could hope to… given the circumstances, at home with his family around him.

    Jes loved Millwall through and through – lived and breathed it and was never happier than when someone came to the Den for the first time – he would buy them a badge and present it to them in some kind of daft ceremony encouraging them to keep coming back.

    It must have worked – I’m still here, and my boys still come – when they can.

    Jes would organise the half time drinks (that meant him sending someone as a runner to get the beers in) and he always put more into the kitty than he needed to. To say that he was the centre of our group of fifteen or so people is no exaggeration.

    He did a lot of work for Millwall on the PR side – he was responsible for setting out, writing and getting printed a lot of the publicity material over the years – always on the quiet, aimed at getting people down the Den. He did it – because no one else would.. or no one else knew how to… and sometimes he got paid… and sometimes they ‘forgot’.

    And I would tell him; “Jes, FFS why are you subbing the Club – they can afford to pay you for your time…”

    And he would always reply; “Ah well, its more important to get people through the gates”

    I will miss him greatly for our chats on the phone – his wise counsel, his advice, his optimistic outlook on life…. I shall miss the way he spoke about the Club, his family, business, the world.. everything really.

    To his family, to the chaps in East Upper in and around Block 15, he was our friend and we will all miss him terribly.

    RIP Jes – it’s been an honour.

    Fat Harry