• FOTB Election Statements

    Introducing the Fan on the Board CandidatesAs Season Ticket holders and Members are aware, the forthcoming Fan on the Board eection will be taking place in the next few weeks. We have requested that each of the candidates explains briefly why you should vote for them.

    Peter Garston

    Serving as a Director on the board of Millwall Football Club (FOTB) for 8 years, this is a privileged position and I am seeking re-election.
    During my time as FOTB I have instigated the following:

    • A level of engagement between fans and club that is at an all time high.
    • The transparency available for fans is not equalled anywhere else in football.
    • Every issue raised has been effectively communicated to the board of directors.
    • Over time I have established a strong working relationship with the board based on mutual trust.
    • I have remained accessible to all fans at all times.

    The level of trust and engagement I have would take much time to rebuild. After two years, I was invited to attend Millwall Holdings Board meetings (separate from the Football Club Board), where the major business decisions are discussed/made.
    The role isnít statutory; my tact and diplomacy ensures our views are listened to.
    Ultimately I would love to go and tell the board how the club should be run, there is always a bigger picture that at times needs to be taken into account.
    I drive every issue by what is the best for the fan base and always will.

    Paul Turner
    I am 48 years old, married with three children and currently live in Belvedere.
    I was raised in Peckham and went to school in Bermondsey. I am a company director managing business levels of £5m and a staff of 10. Iím responsible for budgetary control and product development.
    I am in my fourth decade as a Millwall fan and love the club with a passion. Iím fiercely proud of our family and have committed to it via season tickets and Lions Card.
    The reason for my candidacy is to turn this process back into a democratic process, whilst bringing a fresh approach to the role.
    Now, more than ever before, a clear perspective is needed when looking at where Millwall needs to be in the next decade and beyond and this needs to take into account the clubsí role within the community, not just locally, but throughout south London and beyond.

    Iím convinced that I can build on what has already been achieved by this position. I already have boardroom experience and, along with my long standing passion for this club, believe I can represent your views and concerns with a refreshing frankness and vigour.

    Dave Bannon
    If I were successful Iíd like to see the role evolve, where FOTB also heads a fans panel, meets with the club with other elected fan members to discuss and resolve issues raised by the fans as well as giving the club a conduit to reveal new initiatives they may wish to pilot.

    Iíd like to see better facilities for the fans on match days and more done to attract families - not just to the family enclosure. With a number of pubs shut over the last few years I feel there is an opportunity the club is missing.
    Ticketing - I'd like the away membership discarded and a loyalty scheme introduced for home and away wall fans who spend large sums travelling away, even if it is £10 of club shop vouchers many possibilities here. I can organise tasks and get on with them either alone or working as part of a team. I am also a good communicator and listener which is essential in this role listening to other fans and board members and also being able to convey what they say to others as well as being able to provide my own considerations.

    .Now all the prospective candidates have agreed to progress in the up coming Fan on The Board elections, the MSC can confirm that a hustings meeting will take place on 2nd April 2014 at 'Arry's Bar commencing at 7pm. This meeting will be open to all members and season ticket holders to attend. Should you wish to attend please email your name and membership number to info@millwallsupportersclub.co.uk by 1st April 2014. Space is limited so will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Please note this event is only open to members and season ticket holders. All three candidates will be present and explaining why they wish to stand and why you should vote for them