• Board take note: The most important part of any club

    Is it's supporters.

    The club board and executives would do very well to remember that.

    This club has been built on working class foundations, and all that goes with it.

    Yes the supporters overstep the mark on occasions, but that is what we are.

    We, the fans, made the club what it is, whether you like the reputation we have is neither here nor there, you chose to be part of this club, whether it be supporter or board member or executive, knowing what it was most well known for.

    There is no doubt that compared to the 20-35 years ago things have improved, times have changed lifestyles have changed, the club has changed in many ways.

    The club has become more open on the executive side largly thanks to hving a FOTB who has done sterling work.

    However, in my opinion, 3 wembley appearances have given the board ideas far above their station that we can become some sort of big club, pulling 20K every week, and that fanbase will be the like of charlton or palace.

    As a consequence of this slowly season by season bits of of our support is slowly being eroded with new rules and regulations designed in some way to turn us into one of the aforementioned clubs.

    We are not and never will be a charlton or palace.

    Firstly we will not attract the crowds they get when succesful.

    Our fans do not exist as the board seem to think they do.

    charlton in the premier league pulled in excess of 25k on a regular basis, for bigger games if they had the space they could have got 35k the same will apply to palace next season with the above criterea.

    We would fill the ground 6 or 7 times in a 20k capacity wet tuesdays with champions league on the box v hull/wigan etc we would get 15k tops.

    The people who went to wembley at least 50% were not Millwall fans as such so please board members stop kidding yourselves.

    When someone new comes to a club they should first be looking to get people onside.
    Its a bit like a good pub governor go in see who your regulars are who put money in your pocket buy them a beer say hello, you don't walk in ring last orders and tell everyone to fuck off at 10 o clock, that only serves to upset people who will then find somewhere else to drink.

    That last point won't apply to football fans but they might fuck off (as many have done) and not come back.

    The club have some bridges to build now.
    Far more important than employing a vermin cunt to manage us, is the way this arsewipe has rode roughshod over the supporters (more importantly future supporters) over the family enclosure.

    People will walk away over this and the club will realise soon enough that there are not many replacements willing to take up their seats.

    you only have to read the blokes CV to realise what an jumped up self important prick he is.

    i increased crowds, i got this. i did that, at crawley...no mate you didn't the players did all that when they got promoted out of the conference to the football league and increased every avenue of money making 10 fold, you just happend to be in the right place at the right time.

    This club needs to take a good long hard look at itself now at the very top.
    they are trying to erode what we have built over 125 years.

    We the fans are the most important thing that this club has, without us and our support this club is fucked, finished, you may provide the money but we are the lifeblood, the soul, the heart that beats to make it work.

    keep fucking us off, and the heart will eventually stop beating, then you and everything about the club will die on its arse because if you think you can transplant the heart of this club you are very very wrong it will just die.