• Why have we dropped off so badly.

    The simple answer whether people want to hear it or not is Chris Wood.
    This is not going to be another all about Wood post, but we (as fans and a club have to get real)

    When wood arrived we were like we are now, struggling.
    He came into the side and started scoring goals, but that was not all, he brought others into the game, he bred confidence in our side, and whoever he played with up front he brought them into the game, and improved them as well. He held the ball up for midfield player to join the attack. Players were aware that if they set him up the ball more often than not would end up in the back of the net.

    We were prepared to pay 1.5m for his service as we knew what he could bring to us.
    He left and we have reverted back to the dross we saw at the begining of the season.

    1 player does not make a team, however he goes a long way towards gelling it together and making it whole.

    So wood saga over, what do we do about it?

    Firstly the manager bears massive responsibility on getting our players to produce the form they did when wood was around.
    Quite clearly that is not happening.

    There seems little motivation with certain players in our team and without Shittu there they look like a class of kids pissing about because the teacher is not there to keep them in order.

    We have to stay up, we are fucked if we do not.

    Keogh & Trotter have to be dropped.That is decent management, when players have had chance after chance to improve on poor form, then they have to be told its not acceptable.

    Trotter on his day can be one of the best midfield players in the division. His last day though for me was brighton away in a 2-2 draw last season. The manager bears responsibilty fror picking him. In this case the manger is clearly wrong. KJ claims "Trotter makes things happen going forward and is always likely to get you a goal" Yes he does, when he's on form and playing well, but when was the last time we saw that?
    Trotter has cost us goals galore this season just watch xa rerun of most goal highlights he more than lives up to his name as midfield players run past him and get on the end of things to either score or set up goals. Thank fuck we have the lovable looney who is Jimi Abdou. Time and time again he digs Trotter out of holes as he does his work for him.

    He has had his well documented personal problems and there are rumours he's not happy here now.
    He is a shadow of what he can be at the moment, partly because he is the main striker now and he bears the weight of responsibility to score our goals, and that is not his game, he is the main strikers sidekick it what he does best, you could clearly see that when wood was around.

    I know the chairman puts bundles into the club, and without him we would be fucked and have no club to support.
    We are getting a kicking from every media arsewipe out there who wants to cowardly join in and put the boot in and then run away.

    We need a proper plan and investment into this club if we are going to improve and really give it a go to get out of this division.
    A pal of mine has a saying "you need people in bed not lying on top of the blanket" by that he means we need players here permanently not on loan all the time.
    if the club were prepared to shell out the money for wood then it is available and if that is available then use it to go and get the likes of Harry Kane or a striker that costs that money.

    We supposedly missed out on glen murray because we wouldn't pay wood type money, yet he was a proven goalscorer and had we taken him on loan, and he was doing for us what he's doing for palace then we would have lost him like we did wood, as a bigger club would have taken him.

    I fully understand that we cannot gamble on players that cost 1m plus but if they are at a lower league club or one in our division who are struggling then we should take a punt at some point on proven players.

    We have seen this season what a difference one player can make to us as team, we cannot however afford to do what we've done this season again, build everyones hopes up then have them taken away.

    The Manager and Scouts have got to earn their money and identify that player for us.

    The head scout who said it would be difficult to find another Chris Wood or Harry Kane sorry that is utter bollocks as Harry Kane is still out there for the right price, and if he gets off his arse and goes looking there will be others.

    The premier league has players like Kane and Wood who will not make it at the top level with their current club, simply because unless you are exceptional, you will not be given the chance as they can go and spend 2-4m on a proven player from say France at the drop of a hat.

    What is more to the point is are they willing to put their necks on the line and say yes we have to spend 1m plus on this player as he will take us up.

    Our chairman is the best we've ever had, and our manager is up their with the best.

    If we are to mount a challenge at least 6-8 players have to be let go, and we have to see 18 players at the club of decent quality. They have to be ready to go at the begining of the season

    The facts are the manager needs a real investment from the top, not a budget to keep us going, without it you can talk all you like about how you want premier league but all you are going to get is league 1 before that.

    Fans hold their share of responsibility as ours are as fickle as they are anywhere else.
    If its good they come, if not they don't they are the bare facts.
    we have 7-8k who will come whatever you have to offer something more to the other 7-8k and the only thing they want is a winning team.

    fuck me, i'm pissed off, i've seen it all before, you just live in hope that the man in charge says "Kenny get who you want i'll fund it" he won't though, and you can't blame him he's keeping us alive, but as a supporter who's invested the best part of his life in the club, its hard work now it really is.
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