• NEXT SEASON: Who will suffer under the new league rules? by Lord Kitchener

    If the new league regulations which have been agreed, are implemented next season who will be fucked big time.
    You will only be able to spend a percentage of what your income allows you to. Thats your gate money sponsorship and anything else thast shows up as income on your books.
    Big money chairman will no longer be able to fund huge transfers out of proportion to the championship and pay extortionae wages.

    So where does that leave us?

    Firstly i suspect a lot of teams will have to have huge clear outs as their books will show that they cannot afford to pay the players wages on their income.

    Take the vermin, in debt up to the porn mans low to the ground bollocks with players earning a fortune, if they fail to go up they will be in serious trouble under the new rules even if they do pull 30K a week it will never pay their squads wages.

    What will happen to the players thy release? Will they release any?

    The answer lies with the players.
    Given their players are at one of the highest paying club in division one, with one of the biggest attendances they will have to take huge pay cuts to stay. If they choose to leave only the very few who will get premier league football, can hope to earn the same salary they are on. Those not good enough will only be able to move to another championship club who can afford them and the vermin are probably one of the biggest financially anyway so they will stay put on less money.

    What about cunts like nolan who they signed on 40K a week for 5 years, 2 years into his deal have they got to say to him sorry we can only give you 10K a week for the rest of your deal as the rules have changed?

    Now to us.

    I have had a few conversations with Mr Berylson about our crowds.
    He seems to think that this new rules will fuck a lot of clubs and allow a more level playing field in the future.
    he said that when the new rules come in he cannot put more monry into thr club even if he wanted to as the rules won't allow it which is why he has been banging on about more people coming through the gate since he's been here.

    I told him we have only had big gates (over 15K our break even figure)for very few seasons and only when we are looking at promotion, the wembley 45K are not going to come every week as we had our 10-12k people who turn up every week another up to 10k that used to go but fancied a day out, the rest were mates, wives, girlfriends, of the first lot of 20k who again fancied a day out. He still felt we could get more in and was dissapointed with our gates last season except near the end when they pushed up slightly, and who can blame him when we were doing well all season.

    Wondering why we have no transfer budget?

    Heres my theory, if the above is implemented by the league how the fuck are we going to pay the current wage bill let alone anyone else wages on crowds of 10K?

    If the league implement this football will change forever.