• Why Millwall are a great little club.

    We are a great little club, unless a russian billionaire comes in or a mega rich arab its what we will always be.

    We are a family club, when i say family hats the board, the management and the fans, to coin a phrase "All for one and one for all."

    You join in the main because of your birthright, your grandfather did, your father did and so will you and so will your kids, there are exceptions of course but that is the basis of what we are.

    We are not a top flight club, we never have been ( inkow we had 2 season but you take the point) we are the underdog, the bloke who's tried to fight his way out of the gutter but never quite made it, despite having the full support of his family behind him, we are a "nearly made it club"

    We have experienced over the past 10 years untold success for our club compared to the 100 odd years that have gone before, but for some they are like a kid in a sweet shop whos opened the family size box of Thorntons chocolates for the first time and now wants to eat the whole box, try it sometime, it will make you sick.

    We have in the past 3 years, for the first time in my lifetime of following the club a board of directors, management, and a set of players (players there will always be exceptions that is the nature of the game these days) who appear to want to be part of us.

    The supporters have never recieved so much praise from the management and board, a board who have plan, a scheme to take us to the heights of the premier league where we traditionally do not belong.

    We have not got a bucket load of cash, we cannot attract the best players, but we have a management team in place that get the best out of the players we can attract to the club, and players that want to play in front of the fans.

    Some people need to take a good look at the history of our club and bad old days of trying to buy our way to the top, it nearly cost us the club we love.

    With a bit of success, comes greed people want more expect more, take the mugs at Charlton a two bob club taken by the best manager they've ever had to 7th in the premier, but was that good enough?, no they thought they should be in europe so hounded the manager out and look what they've got now, want some of that do you?

    We build gradually, we build within our means, we grow as a club, we get better as a team, we attract more people to the Den, then if we are good enough we reap the rewards, if we are not, then what are you missing out on?

    We are a decent championship club adored by its fans (in the most part ) hated by everyone else.

    Those calling for big spending to get us there you are fools, there are no guarantees, just take a look at our current best players they cost sod all, not millions, yet they are being sought after by bigger clubs than us, ask yourself why that is.

    I've no problem with it taking us 4 or 5 seasons from when we were promoted to mount a real top 2 (or nailed on play off) promotion challenge, to assemble a team that might give us a chance of having more than a one season shot at the top, but we have to have patience.

    What make me laugh is that i'd wager a large sum, that those that are demanding the top flight and big spending to get there, will be the people on here every saturday afternoon complaining they can't afford to go anymore as its too expensive in the premier league.

    Be careful what you wish for as what we have now is a team from top to bottom that we can be proud of and its taken 120 years (with a couple of years exceptions) to get here.

    One player we should all be admiring now is Henderson.
    In this day and age, how many footballers would drop 9 grand a week to come a play for a club because he wants to be at a higher level than he was at, he could have sat it out taken the cash, for another year then leave on a free and pocket a big signing on fee at a new club.

    Thats the type of player i want at my club, not a 1.5m, 10k a week bertie big bollocks.