• The Untermensch

    Leaving aside the racial issue which I'm sure will be given a full airing on here ....and for what its worth an idiot can see that its mainly black youths involved orchestrated by white ringleaders and I'm guessing here but probably SWP anarchists,the same charmers who attack the City of London.

    No the real issue is the Untermensch which is I believe is the German word for sub human...we have and by we I mean the Government managed to create this class of people. They go accross racial divides we have seen them from the Bulger case to Peckham rude boys even through to Millwall with people spitting off the top tier.....they have not merely pervaded our society as say for example Yuppies they have slowly begun to take over our society with the rest of us being forced to tolerate their behaviour whilst Teachers,Police,Courts and the benefits office stand or are forced to stand idly by.

    Have they always existed ....yes but they stood on the outside of society ,social lepers ,shunned by all and looked down on as the scum they are....nowadays everything that can be done for them is,even the media produce programmes aimed at the zero IQ brigade.

    How did it happen? Casting aside once again the "Enoch was right,I'll have another pint please" it happened because in the last 50 years we decided that Authority was to be frowned upon,we decided that the best way to help people was to give them everything and ask for nothing back in return.These rioters last night have housing,food,money and most importantly a vote ,despite one or two commentators making a case for the effect of cuts,nasty Tories etc this isn't Egypt or Libya.
    Whereas once we had Teachers who were feared,Police and courts who dispensed justice and National service to amuse 16-19 year olds now we have a social void.

    What can be done? With current values....nothing. Things need to change and change fast,we have to have a zero tolerance policy to ALL crimes,and that means people have to adjust their own values no longer can people say I want the Police to take a strong hand but not at Football...Shoot the rude boy drug dealers but I want a spliff...Hang the looters but how much do you want for that Phone down the pub. If the prisons aren't big enough build some more and make them tough no more TVs and prostitute visits.
    This require a massive shift to reclaim the streets and Cameron needs to make some very BIG decisions not just today but for the future of this country,he needs to ignore any claims of racism and clean this mess up once and for all ,The Untermensch need to be told that they don't run this country the decent people do ...if that means bringing in the Army then so be it.

    Enough is enough let's draw a line in the sand whats gone is gone but from now on it's no more community centres,no more African history months ....it's our game and our rules that MUST be the message