• Our Squad My humble opinion.(bit of a long read)

    Forde is piss poor at commanding his penalty area, he's a decent shot stopper and will have great games and save us more points thsa he loses us, yes he'll maske howlers but add them all up put them against his better moments and his better form outweighs the bad.
    Are there better keepers out there, yes there are, there are also worse, could we do better, decent keepers are few and far between people cannot expect miracles, if were that good he would be with us.

    Fuck knows what has happend to the bloke who won player of the year last year but looking back over his career it appears when the team does well so does Dunney when we don't nothing clicks he gets caught out of position his crossing goes to pot and he reverts back to everyones favourite boo boy.

    Started the season brightly, does well getting forward, but is far to lightweight in this division for a left back, gets bullied too easily and cannot hold his pwn defemnsively against bigger stronger players.

    Last time we played at this level i referred to Craig as "a pub player" he has gone back to being that player, for all his honesty and endevour he is not good enough for the championship.

    If the bloke had pace he would be the first name on the team sheet and would be made captain, if you were to go to war you'd want him standing next to you, a proper Millwall player and character, unfortunatly his lack of pace means he'll never play regularly at championship level.

    We would all agree he has more than what it takes at this level, but we won on his first game and have lost 3 out of the next four, drawing the other, would we have done any worse if ward had been kept in the side? probably not. His wages cannot be cheap, for all what he brings to us and that is a lot, if results don't improve could that money be better spent at the other end of the pitch on a player who can score goals?
    I like Shittu he has presence and is an asset.

    Please stop defending him on the fact he scored the winner at wembley. He cannot jump without fouling the opponent, he cannot pass a ball, he has and still is costing us goals, and is not a captain or leader on the pitch, he would not be in my starting 11.

    Schofield, Henry, Hackett
    As wingers or play makers they are prone to brilliance one minute being poor the next, if things are not going their way they go missing, Schofield seems the most consistant of the three Henry seems to want to beat the whole of the opposition and do it all himself he needs to be more of a team player. Hackett seems to be the one Jackett likes the least. When he gets a run in the side his form improves, people expect him to come on and do well ebery time, buthe is having to constantly prove himself which cannot be good for him.

    Runs himself into the ground gives 110% every game but will never provide a goal threat and is not a great distributer of the ball, if you want a player man maked he's the man but we need more than that.

    A great signimng who's form has dipped of late, seems to be getting bullied by more experienced players needs to get his confidence back up on his day is one of our best players and a great asset.

    Bargain of the season, put him in with better players the better he'll be. Comfortable all over the pitch by far our best player to date, i wish we had 4 more of the same, if he keeps this up i think we could get bigger clubs taking a long look at him.

    Never let us down, puts a shift in, but where does he keep disappearing to? when fit he doesn't get a start but always plays well enough to provide a goal threat when he does play, stange signing to me.

    Was his welsh call up the worst thing to happen to him? it appears that way. maybe its the way he is but looks like he's sulking half the time and more recently has spells where he looks totally disinterested. Maybe there's too much pressure on him to score our goals, he certainly needs help up there with him.
    At the moment if some did come in with an offer of 2M plus i think we we would be mad not to take it, i think for that money we could get someone else in who actually looks like they want to play for us, and at the moment i think he doesn't

    Not good enough anymore, will buy you a few fouls but thats not enough, he won't ascore goals to the extent we need them now.
    Millwall legend but no room for sentiment in this division.

    Theo Robinson
    Quick but what else? Did he run anyone ragged? was he causing problems all over the place? not for me, too lightweight, not sorry he's gone back to be honest.

    Can't say too much except the boiys a trier and reminds me of a young Sads, if he turns out as good we'll have a decent player i hope he does well

    The rest
    Obviously Jackett now realises Laird Grimes and Grabben are surplus to requirements maybe by giving the fist 2 2 year deals he was hoping to recoup a bit of money back for what we shelled out.
    Seems to have backfired as we don't seem to be able to give them away.
    Wheres Smith??

    The Shittu experiment v Norwich was as daft as you'll see.
    We struggle to break team down at times but don't seem to have another game plan.
    Too often away from home i personally think we play not to lose, but when we go bewhind we struggle to get back into games, i'd like to see us go for it a bit more away from home.
    KJ's hads are tied when it comes to a "plan B " as we simple do not have enough quality in the squad at the moment.

    The Season Overall
    It is now blindingly obvious that we have very few players of real champiopnship quality. We started the season with the momentum we finished the last one with, but that can only take you so far.
    When we come up against established Championship sides that are prepared to put the same effort in as us we have not got enough quality to break teams down.

    We are what we are a very good league one side with potential for better, we will not get get relegated i'm sure as i think our team spirit on and off the pitch won't let that happen.

    We need at least 3 players in either permanently or on loan.
    The chairman will have to dig deep again, otherwise his investment so far will be wasted if we were to be relegated.

    All those who thought we were candidates for the play offs got far to carried away with our early form, we are a little way away from play off material, we first need to stayin this division before we can attract decenmt players to the club that will enable us to mount a real challenge.
    We are not a million miles away from being a decent side but we need 3 more players who are experienced at this and or premiership level to bring our team on.

    This is my opinion based on what i've seen this season so farno doubt people will have their own thoughts.

    I am in no way slagging onyone off here as i'd walk to the ends of the earth for Millwall, but you cannot just turn round and not make critical judgements just because you love the club. its becuse i want us to suceed that i make the comments i do.
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    1. Junkmale -
      I can't disagree too much with what you say here. I think the fundamental problem is the one you identify, namely that there is a huge step up in quality between the Championship and League One. We were lulled into a false sense of the adequacy of our squad by its success at a lower level. It used to be that there was a big gap between the Championship and the Premier League, but all the money that has flown into the game at the top has shifted the quality gap down a division. On the other hand, when we play well we seem to compete well enough.
      I think the major shortcomings are down the middle. As you say, Abdou's all round game is below par, but we need a ball winner to play alongside Trotter. Jackett understands this, I believe, and that is why Carter was brought in and why Mkandawire is playing out of position (although he may well be more than good enough there, only time will tell).
      Up front we need to have players who can put away the chances we create. If we had a player as ruthless as Andy Reid was in taking his chance on Saturday, we would not be talking about problems at all, but we only have Morison and he dips in and out of form and, in truth, is probably struggling against the better defenders he is facing.
      At the back, Robbo, for all his heart and loyalty, is not good enough. He was again at fault for a goal on Saturday (Barron had to cover for him) and we either need to move Mkandawire in there or get another partner for Shittu - in fact Ward would be better. I think Jackett might feel that dropping Robbo will affect team spirit. He should think again - nothing affects team spirit more than the poor run we are on now. Time to downgrade my Profiles, I think...
    1. lionheart09 -
      all i can say to this post is do what jackett does look and find the best bits of players and bring them together as a team i love millwall with all my heart and think jackett is an amazing manager who is building a team and not trying to buy a team like man city and others because that dont work. confidence is makes a good player great and people in the stands slagging them off and that isnt going to help!