• Millwall are XXXX by BMC

    Absolute fucking shit.shit team,shit players.morison,you scored 20 goals last season.how dare you have a few bad games this season.you are shit.jackett,just because you turned us from a potential 4th division pile of wank into a 2nd division team does not give you the right to try different things,who do you think you are,shit manager.shit kit.shit fucking programme read by shit people who are shit.shit fucking floodlights.barron,total shit.forde,why are you not as good as van der saar,you must be shit.trotter couldnt get in ipswichs team so he must be shit.we beat palace away last week which shows how shit millwall are.theo robinson,clearly shit,1 goal in 1 full game has proved you are shit.south stand is shit.training ground is the shittiest in the world.hackett,not even as good as ronaldo,so he is shit.mid table pile of shit.total fucking shit.sack jackett becasue he is shit and let HOF pick the shitty team.the only thing that keeps this shitty club going is the loyal support of us highly educated fans.the rest of the world is shit.we shouldnt let in 1 goal this season because everyone else is shit.'no one likes us because were shit' should be our song.thank fuck we have signed a true millwall player.........shittu................now shit off,i'm going for a shit
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    1. MillwallPed -
    1. MYNAMEIS -
      I take it irony is lost on you then Ped....
    1. terrymfchateswestham -
      Quote Originally Posted by MillwallPed View Post
      fuccking el that made me want a shit
    1. millwallbaby -
      blimey darling why come on here to be a hater.
    1. lionheart09 -
      if you read the post properly i believe they are taking the piss out of the people on here!! and the way they slate the team back the boys for f**k sake!!
    1. reggiethehammer -
      must be a west ham fan lol