• Ratings! - Marshy. Millwall 4, Hull bugger all - 14.08.10.

    Forde - 8 Solid, some good saves even when the game was comfortabaly won.
    Barron - 7.5 - I think the weakest player today but still a good performance and linked well on the left, only thing let him down is giving the ball away a bit too often but that's being picky.
    Ward - 8.5 - Darren Ward, enough said.
    Robinson - 8.5 - Robbo, enough said.
    Dunne - 8 - Such a turn around, from a player who most of us thought that he wouldn't even get into a league 2 team to one of the first players on the team sheet.
    Schofield - 9 - Causes so many problems and great assest to the team with his creativity.
    Abdou - 8 - Thought he was quiet today but not in a negative way. Done what he had to and done it well.
    Trotter - 9.5 - Almost just almost the perfect performance but see below.
    Henry - 10 - MOM - Could easily end up being signing of the season in this division with performances like this. Superb all round, sorry Trotter!
    Morison - 9 - 2 goals, typical Stevie performance and seems to just get better and better.
    Lisbie - 8.5 - Such a handful, great goal, proving many of us wrong! Keep it going Kev!

    Jackett - 10 - Whole ground "One Kenny Jackett!" Enough said.

    It's good to be Millwall.
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    1. Delboyatwork -
      Not being able to get there just reading this makes me proud to be Millwall. Solid all round performance. Can only boost confidence and for once, although early days we are not plaing catch up.