• Thoughts on yesterday - 07.08.10 -Brizzle 0 Millwall 3- by Tosser (he, he)

    Well I think few people would have predicted the 3 points away at City for us this season, so thats definitely a great start, regardless of Brizzle's injury problems. Anyway

    Fordey - 7 - Little to do, but did it comfortably. Never looked in any real trouble and the few saves he made tended to stick to him. Made 1 mistake where he palmed a ball back into play rather than around the post and was bailed out by Ward (i think). Wont have an easier game all season.

    Dunne - 7 - Struggled for the first 30 minutes but as Henry started to impose himself going forward Dunne's job got easier. Didn't offer a lot going forward but was usually available for the 'out ball'. Will be grateful the Haynes wasn't fit I suspect.

    Robbo - 8 - Won a lot of headers and tackles. Scored a cracker. Led by example. Exactly what we've come to expect from a Robbo riding high on confidence at the moment.

    Ward - 9 - Hands up, I got this wrong. Thought we shouldn't have signed him but he absolutely dominated yesterday. Perfect centre half performance and capped with a goal. Shame he's not 5 years younger!

    Barron - 9 (motm!) - He's never let us down, but at times yesterday he looked a class above. Made some unbelievable blocks and never let City's best player in the game. Brilliant skill displayed between him and Schofield when we started to take the piss second half. For me, the single best performance he's ever given. Got a real 'Wall spirit as well.

    Henry - 8 - Brilliant crosses and set pieces a level above what we had last season. Caused trouble all game and was unlucky not to score a goal of the season contender after cutting onto his left. Also unlucky with the header. Tired towards the end, but looks to have bulked up a bit. Much more solid. Good 3rd debut!

    Trotter - 9 - Close second to Barron. Won his battles all over the pitch. Got forward well and generally showed Marvin Elliott exactly what we expect from a big central midfielder. Our best buy so far this season. Can't believe that Ipswich let him go to be honest. Outstanding.

    Carter - 6 - Played OK but is marked down for a really brainless second yellow. Neat and tidy but not particularly inspiring. If we play badly I suspect he'll look poor, whilst when we play well he'll keep the ball ticking over. Decent start. Shooting was all over the place.

    Schofield - 9 - Devastating on the counter. Classy on the ball. Scored the goal of the game against England's no1. Hard to pick a downside in his performance, except that we've come to expect it. Looks so at home in the championship already.

    Morison - 6 - Looked tired(!) and a bit off the pace. Similar to last seasons start really. Ran the channels and tried to make things happen. Will improve as the season progresses. First goal will help.

    Lisbie - 8 - Got through loads and loads of running. Won a lot in the air. Unlucky not to score twice and generally looked a far better player than I was expecting. Neck on block, but he'll win the fans over bloody quickly if he plays like that every week. Excellent debut and only missing a goal.

    Jackett - 10 - Changes in formation during the game helped us control the midfield. Generally outthought the highly regarded Coppell.

    Refereeing - 9 - Definitely a step up from what we're used to. Good call on both red cards IMO although bristols was a little harsher than Carters. Hopefully representative of what we can expect.

    Fans - 10 - James' heart must have sunk when he saw he was infront of us to start. Think we actually got to him an all.