• Kenny's 3 year deal: Good deal or gamble? by LK

    There will be the school of thought that should Kennys golden touch desert him and we go straight back down to League 1, we are stuck with a manager who has got us relegated, for another 3 years unless we pay him off , which will obviously impact on the new boss, whoever he may be and on any transfer dealings he may wish to do.

    This would see many players depart as selling would be the only way to raise funds for a new manager to bring in the players he wants. The first players out the door are always the best ones and we would be starting again, having broken up the backbone of the team, back where we came from, struggling to find another new set of players to get us back up, probably with less backing than given to the previous manager.

    Maybe as suggested a rolling contract would be the answer. Certainly from a club point of veiw this would be the best option, if things didn't work out, we could part company and it would not cost us a large wedge of cash.

    I think though that Kenny Jackett has proved his worth to the club over the past few years and deserves the stability and support of a 3 year deal.

    Jackett has steadily improved the club as awhole in the time he has been here, building a team of backroom staff, and a team on the pitch steadily making improvements each season, and progressing the club and team in doing so.

    Not all of his onfield signings have worked, but then again he hasn't wasted large amounts of money, on his failings, most were loan deals that were quickly dispatched, when they didn't work out. No manager can be perfect take the red nosed drunken sweaty at man u. Deigo Forlan & Veron, both fantastic players that failed miserably for him but have gone on to better things elsewhere.

    I think by offering Jackett a 3 year deal we are showing faith in a manager which is building this club up sensibly, without trying to achieve dizzy heights to soon, only to set us up for a big fall.

    Make no mistake, this season will be a big challenge, i've read many very optiomistic posts, some thinking we are play off material in the championship, I don't think people realise that this is a very big step up, you cannot look at a league table and say “Barnsley we are bigger than them so we are better”, most people would have bet on Blackpool to be relegated last season after their flirt with relegation the season before, next season they will be kicking about with the big boys.

    Yes, the above is a slight contradictaory statement as it proves a small club can achieve big things, but not overnight, thats why Jacketts 3 year deal is the best signing we will make all season.
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    1. Anerleywall -
      On the flip side, by offering a three year deal and we do well, any chairman wanted to get Kenny as manager for there club will have to pay compensation. But agreed, Kenny signing a new 3 year deal is a sign of progression and stability.
    1. Harry's Tackle -
      a good proffessional approach by the club
      and it will give us the stabillity that we have craved for the last few years
      I would love a top 10 or play off finnish but realistically we should expect to be fighting to stay up bottom five at best.
    1. Markmywords -
      A good move by the club, not only shows the club have confidence in Kenny in what will be a difficult season, but partly as a reward for last season.
    1. james d -
      if we got relegated we wouldnt sack him anyway.