• Time to disband this England team by Lord Kitchener

    Firstly the goal that never was.
    In a million pound industry at the biggest football show on Earth when a goal is scored it must be allowed to stand. When a goal is wrongly scored it must not.
    In a matter of seconds Englands legitimate second goal could have been given Argentinas offside goal ruled out.
    FiFA if you want fair play allow the technology to give it to you there is no excuse not to.

    Would the allowing of Englands an the ruling out of Argentinas goals changed the games? The answer is simple, we can debate it forever but we will never know.

    What we do know is That a squad of 23 English players have proved we are nowhere near as good as we would like to think we are.

    The player who can come out with most credit is a 40 year old keeper, who wasn't even first choice, and even he wasn't unblemished in his 3 games.

    The FA should sack Capello the moment he gets off the plane.

    "Don't blame Capello" i hear you cry "the players let him down" really?
    When Capello took the job he made the following statements.
    "I will not pick players who are injured" (His excuse to dispose of the aging Beckham during qualifying)
    "I will not pick players who are not playing regularly for their club"

    Why then did our squad consist of King, Barry, Heskey, not only that why were they starting?

    When you are 3 goals behind why do you take off your'e centre forward, and replace him with a bloke who hasn't scored since the last sighting of hayleys comet, and leave a bloke whos scored over 20 goals for england on the bench.

    Take away the name Wayne Rooney, if i told you to watch Englands group games and look out for Englands number 10 Millwall are thinking of signing him to partner Steve Morison, after those 3 group games you would have been telling me where to get off telling me he was crap.

    Why then did the manager not say to him you hve had 3 games you've now got 45 minutes to prove what you can do or you are off, not only Rooney but all out so called superstars, you cannot pick a taem because they are world class and everyone would want to sign Gerrard Lamapard Rooney etc, if they are giving you nothing.

    We have to stop approching managers with a bucket load of money begging them to take the job.
    Tell evereyone the England managers salary is 2M. no bonus no nothing else (it would still be the biggest salary for a manager in world football) queue up we'll interveiw you and pick the best man.
    Daft? why Sven walked off with 25M, Capello will walk away with at least his 2 years at 6m a year, for what? hardly a sucess, were they?

    As for the players this team must be broken up now.

    We have to bring the best young players into the squad now.
    Forget trying to win everything we enter we are not good enough, forget the next Euros if we suceed then so be if not we keep building for the next world cup.

    The best players do not make the best team, a team is built with spirit and everyone knowing their job. We as Millwall fans know that more than anyone, its what we have, we are not the best on paper but our team works for us.

    We have to build a school of excellence where our best young talent can be nurtured, we have to change the policy of foriegn players being allowed in teams/squads in this country, before we end up like scotland, who every top English team employed 4 or 5 players 20 years ago but can only produce 1 or 2 now, we will go the same way in less time than that if wqe do not change.

    Players who pulled on the shirt for England at this world cup proved something i did not want to believe, money matters more than pride or passion for playing for England.
    Yes there are exceptions the odious John terry being one, i think he is pround and gives everything for his country, its a shame the others hve not got the same balls.

    My rant is nearly over, we have to go back to basics and start again with a manager it means something to be in charge of England.

    Beckham & Pearce anyone? before you laugh, the last 2 world cup exploits have taken us to a quarter final defeat v 10 men, and this debarcle we have just witnessed at a cost of of over 35m and rising.
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    1. The Peckham Pouncer -
      Cant disagree....

      I would have pulled the fucking lot of them after the first game and put the B team on..
    1. Junkmale -
      A friend of mine (not a Millwall supporter) said they should have put out the Millwall side that won the play offs because they demonstrated a will to win. No doubt Capello made mistakes but I believe he will learn from them. The first thing he must learn is that the 'golden generation' are not what they were hyped up to be and have come to the end of their international careers. Capello must start to bring through a crop of younger players and plan not for the Euros but the next World Cup. In my view, of the current squad, these players should be ditched:
      Gerrard, Terry, G Johnson (the right age but not a good enough defender), Crouch, Joe Cole, Ashley Cole, Lampard, King, Barry, Wright-Phillips, Heskey. Few of them have shown the desire to win at this World Cup and all of them will be well over 30 by the next one (surprisingly, Lampard and Ferdinand are already 32 and Upson is 31!). Although he did well David James will also be 40 by the Euros.
      These ones should be kept:
      Hart, Green, Robinson (the goalkeeper!), Dawson, Lennon, Carrick, Defoe, Rooney
      These should be added:
      Agbonlahor, Adam Johnson, Baines, Downing, Walcott, Huddlestone, Gary Cahill, Shawcross, Welbeck, Bent, Lescott
    1. gilchrist -
      In England, we have a Premier League in which only a handful of clubs have a chance of finishing as Champions. These clubs are businesses which are foreign owned and managed. The Managers need to be successful and usually, do not have time to plan for the long term. They buy in players, often from abroad, rather than developing local talent, after all, they will probably not be around to reap the harvest.
      The Premier league is touted in the press as the best league in the world. The press helps to promote football and keep it popular. The Sun and Times are foreign owned. The ratings war means that what the Sun does, the other tabloids follow.
      Popularity of the Premier League encourages customers to buy match day tickets, but more importantly, they subscribe to Sky and watch the best league in the world, or go to the and pub to watch the football being shown on a big screen. Sky money helps to fund the Premier league. Sky is also foreign owned and foreign managed.
      Football in England is dominated by the Premier League. The Premier League is dominated by money. The money and related debt is largely controlled by foreign companies. Why should they give a stuff about the English national team? Where is the profit for them?
      For them The Champions League is the high point, not the World Cup or the European Championships.
      In Germany , the clubs are still clubs rooted in the community. Owned by the members and not American,Thai, Russian or Middle eastern rich men.
      We have a system which benefits only the companies at the top of the Premier League, the media that feeds off of them. The newspapers that inflate our expectations and is only interested in circulation figures.
    1. Delboyatwork -
      All this and more are good comments. The only thing to say is the sooner the restrictions on foreign imports comes in the better. I would not allow a team to have more than 5 in a squad. There should be socfcer schools up and down the country and it should be free.
      I would also try and stop the import for foreign managers, as being Italian or Spanish or whatever does not make you a good manager. I know there are some exceptions but IMHO England, especially, should be managed by an Englishman
    1. Junkmale -
      A rule preventing foriegn players dominating teams would be good but what we also need is a rule saying that at least three of the team must be English and under 21. That way, younger players will get experience, as they do in Germany and Spain