• Do we trust Kenny Jackett ? by Lord Kitchener

    Of course we do.

    Which is why whatever players he chooses to bring in next season will be decent enough assets to our club.

    They may not always work, we have seen that in the past with some of the centre forwards we have had, but they all have the potential or have proved themselves at the level we find ourselves at that time, the thing is if they haven't worked out we have got rid of them for the small outlay of a month or so's wages.

    I personally expect 2/3 more permanent signings (including Ward) and the rest of what we get in will be loans, that will either work or be sent back. This is the most sensible option for a club like ours on a limited budget.

    You cannot compare our signings to any other club in the championship.
    Firstly the 2 teams that went up with us are far bigger clubs with a much bigger budget at their disposal, secondly the reast are established championship clubs that with very few exceptions you would think have a better chance of being their again next season, who would you sign for if you were a player?

    I'll be happy with the signings Jackett brings in, he clearly knows his stuff, and does his homework, and he has not gone too far wrong so far.

    Unlike some, i'll support whoever he brings in, i'll give them time to adjust, not expect too much, and i won't slate them at games if they don't work out.

    One place above relegation will do for me next season as this will be progress, and rome wasn't built in a day.