Wembley has come and gone and the race is now over with the Mighty Lions Roaring on to their 1st playoff success at the sixth time of asking finally laying so many ghosts to rest.

    Yesterday was like watching a BBC Nature Show, all these happy chirping fucking feathered vermin twittering around the grass only to then be devoured by a Pride of Mighty Cat’s and the carcasses then left strewn across the Wembley pitch awaiting praise for a job well done!

    Well praise indeed was harped upon this pride for they thoroughly deserved it and it was a coming of age for the young cubs amongst them who have learned the pride need each other for the hunt.

    Swindle Town now have another season of League 1 to look forward too.

    And it gives me great joy to type this! MILLWALL ARE A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM AGAIN!

    The race for championship football is over! And we’ve won a place there.

    Well that’s it for these posts so it’s goodbye League 1 and hello Championship where we start “The Race For Premiership Football”