• FOTB Championship by Yassar

    Well we are now a championship side, it is well deserved, the board, staff, team and fans have all pulled together to get the result, there is such a feel of unity at Millwall a feeling I have never known at Millwall in my 40 years of following them, the fans input helped so much towards the Huddersfield win, there is no reason why we can’t now move forward and consolidate a position in the championship.

    Thanks to John Berylson, all the directors, Kenny and all the boys who have given us all “reasons to be cheerful”

    On a personal note this result has really rounded off what for me was a bad year, thanks everyone for their support and for putting me in a privileged position that I have never taken for granted, I hope I can continue building the link between the club and fans in a positive way in the coming year.
    I am so proud to be a Millwall fan !
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    1. coldblow10 -
      Hi. Pete,
      You, Jackett and Berylson are LOVELY LOVELY GEEZERS!!! keep up the good work mate.