• my view on today - Huddy 0 Millwall 0 - by TBHFC

    'Solid' has been a word used on HOF already today to desribe our performance this afternoon and there really is not a better word to describe how the team performed today.

    For the first time in a few weeks we looked compact and strong at the back and even though the northern monkeys had a couple of decent chances they did not look as dangerous going forward as they did a few weeks ago.

    The referee was a complete cunt and however many times ive seen the handball and the trip I can not really think of any excuse the bloke has.

    Going forward I think we lacked imagination at times and I think Bomber and Morison both worked very hard but were poor with their final touch. Having Trotter back certainly helps us going forward though and if we get Phill and Batt boy back for Tuesday we are in with a decent shout of wembley again. We will need to watch them on the break though and we will need to repeat our excellent defensive performance from today.

    Forde - 6

    Smith - 7
    Robinson - 7
    Ward - 8
    Craig - 8

    Laird - 6
    Trotter - 7
    Abdou - 7
    Barron - 7

    Morison - 6
    Harris - 5


    Alexander - 6
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    1. longy78 -
      Barron was an 8 for me. Quality perfomance and a real handfull going forwards
    1. SurreyLion -
      Funny how people games differently, I thought Robbo was immense, he put in one of his best ever performances. I prefer a fit Hackett to Barron any day.