• Emotional Wreck - Life with the Lions

    Talk about life with Lions , I have been through so many emotions today and i am only just settling down and trying to put everything that has happened into some sort of perspective .
    At different times this afternoon , Swindon were 2nd , Charlton were 2nd and of course we were 2nd if for only the shortest of time but that is all irrevelant now because as we know , Leeds did what they had to do although they made hard work of it .
    We all know that a draw at Tranmere or a draw at Huddersfield and it would of been us celebrating on the pitch today and not the Neathandral, knuckle dragging meatheads from yorkshire ( sour grape thrown in there ) , but it wasnt to be .
    Now we all know what comes next - The dreaded play-offs .
    Of course we are all gutted and rightly so , to get so close and fail is hard to take - but i think the players have enough about them to see the job through .
    It has been a fantastic season and i for one am proud of everything that has happened .
    I know the cynics on here will say ' we havent achieved anything and if we dont go up it will have been a shit season ' but i for one disagree and see the glass as half full and not half empty .
    The team have given us a memorable season regardless of what happens from now on in - our average home attendance is around 10,500 and we have uncovered a prolific 20 plus a season goalscorer - and we have a manager who i believe is one of the bests outside the premier league .
    The play-offs dont frighten me . Kenny will rally the troops and i believe you will see a much better performance at Huddersfield next week than the one we witnessed a few weeks back .
    All this week i have been dreading today because the outcome was never in our hands .
    Next week is different - we need to invade Huddersfield in our thousands and get right behind the team - lets show those happy clappy Northern ponces how 3,000 Lovely Lovely Geezers can lift a team .
    Now isnt the team to hang our heads and feel sorry for ourselves - There are still 3 Matches left and we owe it to kenny and the team to be right behind them and keep the momentum going .

    Now - tickets for Huddersfield ...is it season ticket holders first then members ?