• THE RACE FOR CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL! 24-04-2010 The Story Continues Again! by D4NNY MFC

    The canaries are chirping now they have secured the top perch in the race for championship football next season, meanwhile the dirty northern bastards gave themselves even more false hope of taking second spot after beating the team with no history apart from concrete cows along with the Ex! Ex! Manager Vermin coward that is known as Paul Ince, the Mighty Lions remain in the hunt stalking their prey ready to pounce on the second spot after slaying their own Dragons like good old St George, feathers were flying again after the robins had to come from behind to stay perched above Anorak the Tank Engine who also got delayed in the station with both achieving just 1 point from their games, and last but not least the mongrel terriers closed the door on this year’s race by taking the last place after dogging humping the already relegated Stockport by 6 goals to 0.