• THE RACE FOR CHAMPIONSHIP FOOTBALL! 10-04-2010 The Story Continues! by D4NNY MFC

    The canaries had their wings clipped to stop them flying off with enough points to claim top perch all to themselves at the moment.

    Meanwhile the Mighty Lions Mauled a travelling group of Pikies who forgot they had to turn off at the Woolwich Flyover and took the Sun in the Sands exit and ended up on the A2 and into the Lionís Den where they was spanked 4-0 just like their inbred Anorak brothers and sisters seeing the lions in control of 2nd spot.

    The whippet shagging munching pies together Northern fucking monkeys gave themselves a little glimmer of hope after the whimpers Oh! Sorry shrimpers Nah! Got it right the first time bent over and took it up the backside to give them a 2-0 home win and move them into 3rd.

    Swindon nosedived into 4th like a dying swan knowing that it was better to be in the peck offís scratching for discarded scraps like a dirty pigeon rather than face being a light snack on 08/05/2010.

    It is with a heavy heart (LIKE FUCK IíM STILL PISSING MYSELF LAUGHING) that I have to report the death of Charlton ďAnorak the Tank EngineĒ chances of auto promotion died today after thinking they was going up!