• An interview with...Prince Busted


    1) How long have you supported Millwall?
    52 years, I was registered in the supporters club 5 seconds old (gods honest)

    2) Why Millwall?

    3) First Millwall memory?
    Gods in blue blue and white stripes, early Sixties

    4) Most hated rivals?
    Dislike Palace

    5) Funniest thing seen at Millwall?
    Lucky black dogs and the decimation of Paul Birch.

    6) Best experience with Millwall, non match related?
    Being chased by Arsenal at the monument straight in to a mob of Millwall, ‘phooowee deputy’ aint the word

    7) Favourite player of all time?
    Tony Cascarino

    8) Best current player?
    Neil Harris

    9) Most cherished Millwall memory?
    old division1 and the cup final , neither of which I thought would happen, ever.

    10) Pre and post match routines?
    Cant eat drink loads of coffe, drive to ground or wherever, drive home few beers

    11) Favourite ever kit?
    Blue and white stripes

    12) Who do you go to games with?
    Sons mostly and mates sometimes

    13) Where do you sit?

    14) Favourite manager?
    George Graham

    15) Favourite Millwall chant/song?
    Monks Chant

    16) Have you ever seen a game from the North Stand ?

    17) Did you go on the pitch at the Old Den’s last game?

    18) Do you have any dogs/cats/kids/fish named after players or the Club?
    Dogs are always named after centre forwards-Cass,and now Bomber.

    19) The club’s biggest problem?
    Attracting lost support that have moved from the area

    20) The club’s biggest asset?
    Loyal fans and location to the City.


    21) Born?

    22) Bred?

    23) Now?
    Braintree essex

    24) Soft spot for any other team and why?

    25) What’s your tipple? If any?

    26) What is your nickname?
    Johnny boy

    27) What was the last text you received, who was it from and what did it say?
    see you in the stone horse Saturday night,from a mate.

    28) Favourite sausage?

    29) Last book read?
    The Likes of us, Michael Collins
    Edit**South London Boxers

    30) Favourite film?
    Deer Hunter

    And finally...

    31) Who last saw you naked?
    Me Doris

    32) What is your best word ever?

    33) Who would you add to 'the book' and why (celebs only?)
    edit** Colin Moynihan

    34) Kylie or Danni?

    35) Weirdest thing you have eaten?
    Dragonfly for a bet

    36) Can you swim?

    37) Friends - Facebook or phonebook?

    38) Wimpy – yes or no?
    International Brunch & froffy coffe

    39) Last website you looked other than HoF?
    Uk Skins

    40) If you had one realistic ‘freebie’ from your other half, who would it be?
    Georgie Thompson could just sit there smiling at me. She melts the ice on my windscreen with that smile.
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    1. Princebusted -
      Completely missed the point on the book question, Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooosh.

      Colin Moynihan for the book of cunts.
      South London Boxers for the last book i read.