• An interview with...Scroobius Pip

    1) How long have you supported Millwall?

    As long as I remember! Actually, i think i had a brief stint at the age of about 5 when i wanted to support Liverpool. We were playing them that week so I decided to support the winner. Ended up being a 1-1 draw but we scored first and the atmosphere at the game made me stick with Millwall. Who needs Champions League glory....

    2) Why Millwall?

    My Dad and Uncles grew up supporting Millwall so it was my only choice really! Generally you support who your Dad tells you to support but, after going down the Den for over 20 years, i wouldnt have it any other way!

    3) First Millwall memory?

    I remember, at the Liverpool game actually, Millwall scoring and my cousin Ant [Meads] jumping up in celebration and accidently punching my brother in the face. The whole crowd rose to their feet, except my brother who hit the ground...

    4) Most hated rivals?

    Why is it Leeds? Surely I should hate West Ham, Charlton, Palace or Southend (I went to school in Southend so built big rivalries!). I'm hoping with all my heart that Charlton (who I obviously dont like) can catch Leeds just so we can knock them out of the play offs again. Dirty Leeds.

    5) Funniest thing seen at Millwall?

    Every week back at the Old Den when they had the strange notion of having some amateur dramatic entertainers performing in the family enclosure at half time! Its a VERY hazey memory now but I always seem to remember it being an incredibley awkward affair.

    6) Best experience with Millwall, non match related?

    Non Match related? I'd say its been getting to go on TV other the last few years and do stuff Millwall related that is positive rather than the usual press we get! The "Late Kick Off" piece was great to do and, of course, going on and doing stuff with Soccer AM is always a joy! Back on next week to get my hat-trick ball!

    7) Favourite player of all time?

    For some reason I think it will ALWAYS be Terry Hurlock. Obviously, Teddy and Bomber have probably contributed more and been responsible for some amazing memories but, when I was a kid, Hurlock summed up Millwall. He was everything I loved about the club. Passionate, gritty and fearless.

    8) Best current player? .

    Have a guess? It is, of course, Neil Harris. The lad is a legend. I dont need to tell you lot that!

    9) Most cherished Millwall memory?

    Id say it would have to be when Harris scored after he had come back from his surgery and everything. Seeing the urgency throughout the whole team to see him score and then, when he did, seeing them lift him up and bring him to the adoring fans. Amazing. The kind of moment that transcends football.

    10) Pre and post match routines?

    Well we USED to go to Peter's cafe in Greenwich! Every game. Ending up with set meals chosen due to them being lucky. Getting excited when Danny Baker would be in there eating....haha. But these days its a KFC before the game, get in the ground nice and early and wait for kick off! Then rush back to the car as soon as the whistle is blown (but never, ever before...cant stand and have never understood the leaving early thing. Get ya moneys worth!).

    11) Favourite ever kit?

    89-90 kit. Classic. I have had mine taken out (I was a kid) so that I still get to wear it! Its always gone down well on Soccer AM. Proper kit...

    12) Who do you go to games with?

    My Dad. Always have done. Sometimes my brother makes it along and, back in the day, my mate Ricky was part of the Match day party.

    13) Where do you sit?

    Traditionally, South Stand Upper. Block 8/9. Been popping into the west stand every now and then recently but South Stand Upper feels like home. I normally aim around 8 rows from the front. End of a row. Too much detail?

    14) Favourite manager?

    Can i pick Steve "untested" Claridge? haha. Looking back at where Mick McCarthy, Keith Stevens and Wisey (I've never hated him as much as some!) took us they all have good points. But i genuinely think we have a great leader at the moment in Kenny Jacket.

    15) Favourite Millwall chant/song?

    Witter Wonderland? Classic! I always tend to like the individual ones. The old Wisey chant was classic. End of the day though, you cant beat "no one likes us". I hate it when im watching a game on TV and some other mugs start singing it.

    16) Have you ever seen a game from the North Stand ? .

    I havent! That'd just be weird. Years ago I had to do a few away games in with their fans but never at The Den.

    17) Did you go on the pitch at the Old Den’s last game?

    Yes indeed. I have a bit of pitch planted in my back garden. It was an amazing memory. Truely the end of an era.

    18) Do you have any dogs/cats/kids/fish named after players or the Club?

    haha. No sadly not. But thats due to lack of pets!

    19) The club’s biggest problem?

    Our reputation. I think the club has done so much to turn things around and its always great to read articles or see features about us that DONT mention hooliganism. And the way the club is building at the moment that hopefully wont be too far away.

    20) The club’s biggest asset?

    Technically its our ground, right? Go down Roots Hall and tell me thats anything more than a nonleague ground. I remember the first game at the New Den (against Sporting Lisbon was it? Someone like that) and being stunned at how high it all was! Doesn't seem quite so daunting now.


    21) Born?
    22) Bred?

    Born and Bred in Essex I'm afraid. But, with my family all being South London and going Millwall for every home game (and about half the away games) as a kid im pretty familiar with South!

    23) Now?

    Still Essex. I've lived in the same town my whole life. Full of West Ham fans. 'Orrible lot.

    24) Soft spot for any other team and why?

    Not really no. This season I would like to see Arsenal sneak up and nick the Premiership but thats purely because of them being such underdogs I think. Not really a soft spot!

    25) What’s your tipple? If any?

    I'm one of those idiots that bought into all that "cider on ice" that was the big sell a few summers ago. Can't resist the stuff.

    26) What is your nickname?

    Pip? haha. I guess the name I have used for years now is a nickname so its a weird line!

    27) What was the last text you received, who was it from and what did it

    It was from our tour manager just saying "be round at 3pm" as we are about to head off for several months of touring. The next texts I receive will be updates on the Charlton game. Cant believe we chose today to start our tour....

    28) Favourite sausage?

    Cumberland. What? "Sausage" has some other meaning? Well Im' certain a gentleman like myself wouldnt have a clue what you are talking about...

    29) Last book read?

    My book? Haha. Read "the men who stare at goats" recently. Was decent. Just got "Storage Stories" by Jimbob (from Carter USM) after doing a radio show with him so looking forward to reading that on tour.

    30) Favourite film?

    Either Harvey or Buffalo '66. Does the Millwall - West Ham "Hammered" DVD count as a film?

    And finally...

    31) Who last saw you naked?

    My girlfriend. And maybe the old lady that lives in the flat downstairs. I leave my curtains open too much. Actually, when I moved in and popped to say hello to my neighbours I was in a Millwall shirt and she was very pleased to see that as she lived and worked in Millwall for years apparently. Good bit of info on my neighbours there...

    32) What is your best word ever?

    Too many to choose from. As sad as it sounds, I always like it when I learn or hear a new word. Yes, thats how exciting my life is.

    33) Who would you add to 'the book' and why (celebs only?)

    Well has only "Dappy" from NDubz made it in? I think they are all equally to blame arent they? All of NDubz please.

    34) Kylie or Danni?

    Kylie. Always.

    35) Weirdest thing you have eaten?

    Last week I cooked stuffed lambs hearts? That was pretty weird. Never had them before and they were lovely.

    36) Can you swim?

    Yes, yes I can. Although apparently, due to being tall and having long arms, I look quite stupid when I do swim.

    37) Friends - Facebook or phonebook?

    Phonebook. I had to join facebook recently to help run the "le sac vs pip" page but I dont like using it for actually chatting to my mates. Although I am a bit addicted to facebook scrabble.

    38) Wimpy – yes or no?

    No. I have no time for a big bender in a bun. Id rather hit burger king.

    39) Last website you looked other than HoF?

    Twitter. Im addicted. In fact about 5 people tweeted me about the now legendary "they had sold my season ticket seat" thread. Poor lad. A lot of confusion. It started very very funny but got a bit dark by the end.

    40) If you had one realistic ‘freebie’ from your other half, who would it

    Realistic? Thats too dangerous to say! It would end up being something terrible like "that girl from the new agents"....haha.

    Pip has a new book


    and album out


    and is on Soccer AM tomorrow BTW...
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