• Millwall 4 Trainspotting, anorak wearing, sad cases 0 - By Southern Monkey

    I thought we were very average today. It was the sort of performance people have moaned about before against the likes of Hartlepool and Exeter. But, for once, everything went right for us. The ball bounced in the right areas and Morison's finishing was superb.

    I can't honestly remember a more gutless performance from an opposition side at The Den in the whole of my time supporting the club. Charlton were dreadful. Dreadful at the back, dreadful in the middle and dreadful going forward. Their support, in terms of noise, was awful, and their general effort was awful. After the second went in we could have been into double figures before the 80th minute - they made it that easy for us.

    Hard to give ratings because, while I couldn't fault anyone for effort, certain players were made ineffective by the style in which the game was played and the awful pitch and wind-levels - but I'll try anyway

    Forde 7 - dealt with their set-pieces and crosses all day long. Kicking was a bit amiss, but I have never felt so confident with him in between the sticks.

    Dunne 7 - make a few cock-ups and didn't get forward as well as he can, but remained, on the whole, solid.
    Robbo 7 - distribution still awful, but didn't give Mooney as sniff.
    Ward 7 - " " " " " " " " " " "" "" " " " " " " " "" "" Sodje """""""""
    Craig 7 - good at the back and good going forward. An accomplished display in his natural position.

    Hackett 6 - good work for our second, but was mostly below par. Still effective even when not playing well though
    Trotter 6 - didn't do a whole lot wrong or right, but teams are scared of him - Charlton rarely ever got past him or Jimmi in the middle.
    Jimmi 7 - worked tirelessly, even if his passing was poor. Love the way he'll go into any challenge, no matter how hopeless it looks.
    Schofield 6 - couldn't really get into the game at all, which wasn't entirely his fault.

    Morison 8 - excellent again. Even when things weren't falling for him in the first half, he still battled away, and got his just deserts in the 2nd half. Deceptively quick, and how fucking strong is he? He just brushes players off the ball.

    Batt 8 - deserved a goal. Proper Millwall performance, and can see him becoming a bit of a cult hero if he signs permanently.


    Harris 7 - his impact was instant, and found Morison with a great ball for his first.
    Barron n/a - game was already won when he came on
    Obika n/a - as above
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    1. scotty -
      hackett and schofield 6 are you sure?
    1. PerryWall -
      Try again Southern Monkey
    1. Denzil -
      Quote Originally Posted by scotty View Post
      hackett and schofield 6 are you sure?
      They were both piss poor for best part of an hour. It was only after the second goal that they woke up.
    1. Junkmale -
      I think the whole team were below par for the first hour until we scored three in seven minutes. Probably some nerves and the condition of the pitch isn't helpful. But not too bothered about how we play at the moment as long as we continue to do the basics right - i.e. keeping clean sheets and scoring goals.
    1. Lord Alf -
      The only thing that was poor about this four nil thrashing of our local rivals, who three seasons ago were in the premership and were odds on to go up this season ... is this report ... dire !
    1. Tony_essex -
      so you think morison the real deal do agree the next sadlier
    1. millwallandy -
      Morison is growing in confidence and looking better each week as are the whole team. I think we will win at leeds as we seem to turn it on in the big games. Its the games against stockport and gillingham i am more worried about!!!!
    1. nickho -
      I have to say that to say "their support, in terms of noise was awful" is ridiculous, given that they didn't stop singing for most of the first half and were pretty loud too. Our lot didn't get going until the goals started going in. Practising for the Premiership maybe?