• A review of the new family enclosure by Loki

    I know some people have been complaining about it but thought I'd weigh in with a positive review.

    My mum has taken my two little brothers this year on their first season tickets. Before they've done the odd game but the new family enclosure was incentive enough to try their first full season. This year they've got their autographs, they've made a few new mates, they've badgered the players constantly for photos (and been given them) They've done the relay race round the side of the pitch and when only one of them had a Millwall shirt on for this the fella running the show ducked into the changing room and got Harris's training shirt for the other one.

    They are now hooked and will be renewing. It won't be in the family enclosure because my the atmosphere isn't as good their during the game as it is elsewhere. That's not anything the club can do much about though, families are difficult to motivate!

    All in all the club has 3 regular season tickets now and I'd suggest they won't be the only ones so well done because the children are the future and all that bollocks! Well done the club!

    I'm from a generation that sat in the family enclosure at the old ground and loved it. Just a bit too young for the CBL I had the pleasure of the bargain bucket theatre company before games and whatever freebies were handed out at the time. It works, I stuck with the club and now finally my little brothers who bare in mind live in the Midlands now proudly bang on about Millwall at school to all their mates who don't support us, just like I used to do.

    I honestly don't think without the rebranding they'd have been tempted to try so I wanted the club to have one positive review of the change.