• "Really looking forward to Saturday" - A Doctor Writes by Dr N. Dawn MFc CoYl

    For those with really bad cases of Millwallitis Rollacoasteritis, you are at a very vulnerable time. Your team is on a roll, best form in the League since Norwich game, other sides wobbling. To make matters worse, the next game is a sellout local Derby to one of those wobbling teams. Indeed a team against which we played our bollocks off down to ten men at their place due to a rescinded red card.

    My medical skills and experience caution all of you sufferers to be very careful. It is vitally important to remember that:


    The most likely result is a four-nil caning as the home side fails to show up. Remember Wycombe.

    So repeat after me:
    1) This will be a very tough game.
    2) Charlton are above us in the League.
    3) Our current form cannot continue forever - particularly our injury time equalisers.

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    1. 7 windmills -
      I can't see no reason why we should lose to Charlton. So far this season the top clubs have left the Den with sod all and I can see that continuing.

      so repeat after me
      1- This will be a game that Milwall proove they are the Lions of the South.
      2- Charlton will shortly be below us in the league.
      3-Our current form can continue as the side is improving all the time and they have the belief "just like me"

      7 Windmills
      AKA OZ
    1. Rich -
      Well you were right about the 4-0 caning just not which side would do the caning
    1. 7 windmills -
      I do love it when I'm right.