• An interveiw with...Bahrain Lion


    1) How long have you supported Millwall? 47 years.

    2) Why Millwall? Loved the astrosphere created by the fans.

    3) First Millwall memory? First match (Boxing Day v Reading in '63) out of my head on Blues and getting that first taste of the Millwall fever

    4) Most hated rivals? West Ham.

    5) Funniest thing seen at Millwall? For some reason, the dog put on the pitch at the Cup Match v the Yids back in 1967.

    6) Best experience with Millwall, non match related? Banter in the nick whilst waiting for your court appearance in a fictitious name.

    7) Favourite player of all time? Has to be Cripps, Keith W a close second.

    8) Best current player? Harris, if only for the memories.

    9) Most cherished Millwall memory? Funny enough, after losing to Plymouth and the end of our run, and thinking “fuck me we’ve done well”.

    10) Pre and post match routines? None.

    11) Favourite ever kit? The Green and White Captain Morgans one from the mid 90’s.

    12) Who do you go to games with? Steve Brown.

    13) Where do you sit? West Upper.

    14) Favourite manager? George Graham.

    15) Favourite Millwall chant/song? The Monks Chant.

    16) Have you ever seen a game from the North Stand ? No.

    17) Did you go on the pitch at the Old Den’s last game? Not there, stuck in Bahrain at the time.

    18) Do you have any dogs/cats/kids/fish named after players or the Club? No.

    19) The club’s biggest problem? Nowadays, the filth.

    20) The club’s biggest asset? The fans


    21) Born? Yes, otherwise I would not be here.

    22) Bred? White Bloomer is my favourite.

    23) Now? Typing this on my lap top at home in Bahrain.

    24) Soft spot for any other team and why? Hamilton Academicals, because they have a stupid name and I love that sort of thing.

    25) What’s your tipple? If any? Guinness, Red Wine.

    26) What is your nickname? Running Bear (Steel Erector/ponytail related).

    27) What was the last text you received, who was it from and what did it say? Begging Letter from Benjamin Netanyahu, asking me to give him a break.

    28) Favourite sausage? Sophia Loren.

    29) Last book read? Well 2, The Last Fighting Tommy and The Art of Happiness in a Troubled World.

    30) Favourite film? Grapes of Wrath

    And finally...

    31) Who last saw you naked? Me, because my wife was still asleep when I got up.

    32) What is your best word ever? Thankyou.

    33) Who would you add to 'the book' and why (celebs only?) Jordan/Kate Price, epitomises everything that is wrong with the public attitude of today.

    34) Kylie or Danni? Kylie, after Hutchence had reach the parts that others had not reached and turned her into a sex machine. Danni, never in a million years.

    35) Weirdest thing you have eaten? Goose Barnacles.

    36) Can you swim? Yes

    37) Friends - Facebook or phonebook? Phonebook.

    38) Wimpy – yes or no? You mean the burger? No

    39) Last website you looked other than HoF? An off-beat social site that was formed by about 50 people as an off shoot from a racing site.

    40) If you had one realistic ‘freebie’ from your other half, who would it be? Not worth it, if you are going to have “a away from home shag”, it may as well be with a total stranger on a wild night out.